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Mac Software is in our DNA.

Photo, Video and Live Streaming Software for Mac

Made for creatives and creators - exclusively for Mac, iPad and iPhone since 1996

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Slideshow Maker

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Professional Broadcasting

Made in Germany.

Photo, Video and Live Streaming Software for Mac.

Our Vision

“For your customers we create easy-to-use applications.
We strive for the best and most simple solution.”

Made in Germany

Boinx Software is located at the heart of Bavaria, greater Munich area. We are a group of international professionals working remotely, wherever we find a wifi network access. 

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Our Passion

Our passion is to empower Mac-Users to develop their full creative potential by using powerful but easy-to-use software tools. 

Multimedia Slideshows in 4k

Apple Experts

Over the last decades the Boinx Software Team leads in development of photo and video software for Mac and the Apple macOS, iOS and tvOS platforms. 

Are you looking for a technology or development partner?

Beside our own products, we also develop 3rd party applications for macOS, iOS, and tvOS.