The social photo wall app that will wow your party guests.

"This is possibly the coolest idea for an app I’ve seen in a long time."
John Fueler
"I love this idea because aside from the cool factor of showing off pictures at an event as they happen, having them all on my device at the end is unbelievably convenient."
"PartySnapper is a wonderful idea for engaging partygoers"

PartySnapper™ is a social photo wall on steroids.

Every guest at your party snaps pictures with their iPhones. These are transmitted instantly to your own iPad or iPhone wirelessly and turned into a beautiful photo wall that plays on a TV or projector connected via AirPlay or cable. At the end of the party, you don’t need to ask your guests to send you their photos because they already are collected on your device.

PartySnapper is a single app that has both a photo snapping mode for party-goers and a mode for displaying a photo wall.

Snapping Pictures is Free! – To snap pictures will always be free for your party guests. Tell everyone to download the free PartySnapper app and start snapping pictures.

How to set up PartySnapper?

See this tutorial and setup your PartySnapper easily for your next event.

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More Information


  • Ideal for the afternoon tea with two or three friends to see if you like PartySnapper.
  • Limited to 10 photos


7 days
$ 4
  • Great for birthdays, weddings, and other one-time or short-term events.
  • Limited to 7 days


30 days
$ 4
  • Heavy partying month ahead? Getting together for a long holiday? This one’s for you.
  • Limited to 30 days

Party HARD

$ 29
  • Throwing parties ALL THE TIME? Or want to run PartySnapper all year round at your venue? You can’t party without it.
  • Unlimited
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