PhotoPresenter™ for iOS


PhotoPresenter is perfect for the ad hoc show and tell session

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Tell, But Don’t Show, All

  • Browse your photo library, tap on the photo or video and it will appear on the second screen.
  • Your audience will not see any picture you don’t intend them to see.
  • Jump back and forth, not restricted by a preset order.
  • Pick the best among multiple versions of the same motif before showing them using the preview mode.
  • Point out features of your photos with the built-in Laser Pointer or highlight an area with the Mouseposé effect. (Available as an in-app purchase)

Hook up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to an HDTV set or a projector via AirPlay or an HDMI or VGA adapter.

  • Brand your presentations by showing your own logo on the screen the audience sees when the presentation starts or no image or video is displayed. (Available as an in-app purchase)
11App Store Link