The new FotoMagico 6 – Create slideshows on Macs and iPads

2021 11 fm6 launch

Impress with the slideshow of your life

9th, Nov. 2021
Today Boinx Software launches the newest version of the slideshow maker software, FotoMagico® 6. The new FotoMagico 6 unites computer and handheld-based workflows into one because it runs on Macs and on iPads. For the first time, you can freely work and play your slideshows on your favorite device, whenever, wherever you like it. Store your projects in your iCloud Drive to keep them synced across multiple devices.

FotoMagico is a real-time slideshow editor, which instantly plays slideshows in full resolution without wasting time for rendering. The new presets make it easier to create engaging vertical Instagram Stories or 4k horizontal slideshows. FotoMagico 6 comes with a set of addons for music, titles, frames and guides for visual storytelling to make your next slideshow the best slideshow of your life. It is an all-inclusive solution, which contains the existing and future addons* available for download directly within the new download manager inside the application.

Apart from the addons, the new FotoMagico 6 comes with more features that are tailored for the photographer community. The new Map Assistant lets you easily animate travel routes. A new set of visual effects are added to images, videos, and layers. The included Music Packs contain royalty-free music prepared with FotoMagico Beat Markers for easy transitions to the rhythm of the music.

The FotoMagico 6 comes with an improved user interface and allows to export slideshow projects much faster. The entire app has been rewritten from scratch with the latest Apple® technology like Swift, SwiftUI, and Metal. This means that FotoMagico 6 is fully future-proof as it is based on the most advanced technology and is ready to run on the new Apple® Silicon M1® processor family.

FotoMagico is the gold standard for slideshows on the Mac.

Launch Live Stream

Boinx Software invites customers and the press to join their live stream launch of FotoMagico 6. The event will cover a quick overview, new features and tricks as well as a questions & answer section.

9th, November

9 AM PST – 12 PM EST/EDT – 18:00 CET – 20:00 AST – 22:30 IST – 01:00(+1) CST

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Price and availability

The start of sales is the 9th, November 2021. FotoMagico 6 is priced at $7.99 (USD) per month and can be purchased as of today from the new homepage at Customers who have purchased any version of FotoMagico 5 after the 1st of June 2021 will be entitled to a free 12 month period of FotoMagico 6. Details can be found at

Boinx Software International GmbH is a German computer software company, incorporated in Germering, in the greater Munich metropolitan area. Boinx has been historically specialized in software for Apple Inc. platforms. In 1996 Boinx Software was founded by the brothers Achim and Oliver Breidenbach, following their passion for mac-based software. The company roots go back to 1976 when their father brought the first Apple I computers back to Europe after meeting Steve Jobs.

Boinx Software has gained public attention by winning several Apple Design Awards for apps like BoinxTV, mimoLive, iStopMotion and FotoMagico.

*exceptions may occur in the future due to 3rd party licenses regulations

Oliver Breidenbach,
CEO, Boinx Software

Steffen Skopp,
Head of Marketing, Boinx Software