Live From Kastav, Croatia: You Gotta See This!

Our very first iPhone app, “You Gotta See This!” was a labour of love for the team. But, since it never was a commercial hit, we haven’t updated it in a while and when iOS 11 was introduced, Apple discontinued support for 32 bit apps and it wouldn’t work any more. With the free app not bringing in any revenue, we were prepared to let it go. But then, people started asking when we would be updating it and we realised that there is a bigger number of people loving this app than we thought. We looked into how much effort it would be to make it run on iOS 11 and it turned out it wasn’t that much. While we were at it, we removed the old sharing code and are now using iOS sharing which lets you send your panographs to a huge number of platforms and services. You Gotta See This! 4.0 is now available on the App Store. We hope you like it. Oliver did a quick intro live stream from the top of a mountain on the coast of Croatia. Enjoy!

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