Broadcast your iOS 11 screen with mimoLive Reporter

2017 10 19 144204032

The latest version of mimoLive Reporter is all about supporting screencast broadcasting in iOS 11. Happy Screencasting!

  • Support for live broadcasts from the iOS Control Center. Broadcast destination is always the selected streaming service account in your current mimoLive Reporter show.
  • Stability improvements and bugfixes in the Replay Kit broadcast extension.
  • Fix: Video layer rotates non-portrait movies to the correct orientation again.
  • Fix: Video layer can now play movies that don’t contain an audio track.
  • Fix: Video layer loops consistently now. Some movies made the video layer hang.
  • Fix: Video layer is not silent anymore after switching the audio output device.
  • Change: To avoid confusion, duplicate streaming service accounts are no longer allowed.
  • Fix: Layers don’t disappear from the layer stack anymore when entering the layer edit mode.
  • Change: Direct support of the Streamshark service is no longer available due to changes in the API. Use RTMP server and stream key instead.

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