Fixed: Zoom 4.6.9 removes access for Virtual Camera

If you’re using the Virtual Camera to send video (and optionally audio) into the Zoom app, please do not update to the latest version. Stay on version 4.6.8 or earlier.

Background: The recent discussions centering around security in Zoom have prompted Zoom to change the app so that macOS doesn’t allow virtual cameras access to Zoom any more.

This means, you will no longer be able to choose mimoLive output as a virtual camera in Zoom after version 4.6.8 (fixed in 5.1.0)

Another workaround would be to use mimoLive on a secondary computer and send the video signal via a HDMI to USB grabber that acts like a USB webcam. The ATEM mini, the Elgato Camlink, the Magewell HDMI to USB3 and more offer this functionality.

We’re monitoring the situation and will let you know if and when Zoom releases a version of their app that enables this feature again.

UPDATE: (May, 27th, 2020) Fix:
zoom 5.1.0 support mimoLive Virtual Camera again. Please update mimoLive to the latest version. Once you activate Virtual Camera as an output destination, make sure your are running Virtual Camera Plugin V 1.3. Update from within mimoLive if necessary.

Screenshot 2020 08 17 at 14.04.48

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