Introducing Lower Thirds Pack 1: 8 New, Professionally Animated Lower Third Layers

The Lower Thirds Pack 1 for mimoLive contains 8 new, professionally animated, lower third layers. Easily customize logo, font and colors to get your individual look. You can purchase them as a pack at US$ 49.99* or individually for US$ 9.99* each. The pack contains:

  • Lower Third 1 Beam Wiper
  • Lower Third 2 Hide Behind Bar
  • Lower Third 3 Hide Behind Line
  • Lower Third 4 Origami
  • Lower Third 5 Sliding Horizontally
  • Lower Third 6 Sliding Vertically
  • Lower Third 7 Vortex Push
  • Lower Third 8 Vortex Slide

Watch the demo to get an idea about how you could customize the lower third layers included in the pack for your purposes.

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