Boinx Software offers software under a subscription-based payment model. This type of license has many benefits for customers which we like to explain in this article.

The relationship between software companies and customers has changed over the last decades. Digital transformation has transformed the relationships into partnerships. 

Our software applications have never been static products since there are changes and improvements continously. Compatibility and new feature updates are getting released regularly. Software development means constant improvement, constant development, and therefore constant costs. As a result, our software stays updated and compatible with the latest hardware and operating system. Because of this, we are in the business of offering software-as-a-service. Through the subscription-based payment model, we can secure the ongoing development of our software products. 

Customer benefits

Under conventional licenses, customers run the risk of buying a product that is at the end of its lifecycle. In this case, customers lose value. This risk does not exist in subscription-based payment models at all. The former, periodical software upgrade payment is not existing in a subscription-based license. Customers can always access the latest released version without any compromises or extra costs. Customers always have access to the latest technology and their software is always the most stable version. 

The subscription-based payment model optimizes the cashflow for customers because the monthly fee does not include any future depreciation. This gives customers greater freedom to choose and use software.

We hope that you have found some positive thoughts about the reasons why we prefer the subscription-based payment model for our products. We focus all our energy on creating a positive business case for our customers and a win-win situation for all of us. 

Oliver Breidenbach
CEO of Boinx Software International GmbH

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