Boinx iVeZeen 2.2 Universal

Video Blogging Tool

When introduced in August of 2003, iVeZeen was the first application to make recording with an Apple iSight real easy. Steve Wozniak said about the application: "It's simple to use, unobtrusive visually, and worked right off the bat." In the age of video blogging, the tool remains popular because of its simplicity and elegance in quickly creating movie clips for use on the web.

Unique Recording Options

iVeZeen offers a number of unique ways to start and stop recording: Voice commands using Mac OS X's built in voice technology; Motion detection which allows you to set up a recording trap that will record a movie when something moves within the sight of the camera; AppleScript support lets you set up timed recording or attach the software to many external trigger sources such as remote controls.

Another unique feature of iVeZeen is the ability to control brightness and focus of an external iSight during recording. The manual focus control, for example, enables close ups that are not possible using the autofocus of the iSight camera.

Bug Fixes

iVeZeen 2.2 fixes a minor issue with the built-in iSights that are now part of most shipping Macs and a rare crashing bug on dual processor machines.

Universal Application

While iVeZeen 2.1 worked great on Intel based Macs and performance was no issue, the team has taken the opportunity to make iVeZeen 2.2 a Universal Application so that it now runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs. All Boinx Software products, including Apple Design Award 2006 Best Mac OS X User Experience runner-up FotoMagico, the blockbuster stop motion animation package iStopMotion and the recently refreshed presenter tool Mouseposé, are now shipping as Universal Applications.

Availability and Pricing

Boinx iVeZeen 2.2 is available as a free update to all current customers. The update can be downloaded from New licenses are available through Kagi at US$14.95. A 5 day unlimited demo key can be obtained from the website

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software is a trademark of GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH, based in Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops and publishes fun and easy to use applications for the creative user. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture for your digital hub and won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico is a tool to create and perform professional live photo slideshows and has won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2004. Boinx iVeZeen turns your webcam into a digital camcorder. Information about Boinx Software and its services can be obtained from its website