iStopMotion 1.9.2: RAW fun

Import Menu Command

Create movies from images that already exist, that you have scanned in or produced with an application that only creates sequences of images with the new, convenient "Import Images from Disk" command. Or export all frames of an animation, batch process them with a tool like GraphicConverter and re-import them into a movie. You could also use this export-import routine to change the frame rate of a time lapse movie.


The RAW file format, because it is uncompressed and unprocessed when a picture is taken with a digital still camera that supports it, is the format of choice for serious photographers. With iStopMotion 1.9.2 you can use these files for time lapse movies or stop motion animation.

Flipbook printing and Universal Application

With Flipbook printing, which was introduced with version 1.9, kids can print out their animation and take it home to show it to friends and family in an easy and inexpensive way. iStopMotion is a Universal Application since version 1.9, introduced in January 2006 and has been tested on all shipping Intel based Macs.

Availablity and Pricing

The Boinx iStopMotion 1.9.2 update is available for download immediately from the website The update is free for all current owners of a valid iStopMotion 1.x license. New license keys are on sale via Kagi for US $39.95 for the DV version and US $349 for the HR version. A five day demo license for evaluation can be requested at the website.

Available at the Apple Store in Europe

iStopMotion is now listed at the Apple Store in Europe. Customers receive a package including an installation CD and a quick start manual in German, English and French. Both iStopMotion DV and iStopMotion HR can be purchased at the Apple Store online in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. (for example:

About iStopMotion

Stop motion animation is the easiest way to tell a story in a movie. No need for talented actors. No need for a budget. No need for a script. Just some toys, a table top or a clear patch of carpet and a bit of fantasy get you started. And, according to our customers, iStopMotion is the best tool to get the story into your movie. Teachers love it because their students love it and create short masterpieces within a couple of hours. Parents love it because their kids have fun doing something worthwhile. Professionals love it because they can work much faster than with traditional film based methods. You will love it because you have never been more creative before.

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software is a trademark of GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH, based in Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops and publishes fun and easy to use applications for the creative user. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture for your digital hub and won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico is a tool to create and perform professional live photo slideshows and has won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2004. Boinx iVeZeen turns your webcam into a digital camcorder. Information about Boinx Software and its services can be obtained from its website