PhotoPresenter for iOS adds NDI® Playout

Imagine, for example, you are a biologist at a Marine Aquarium. You’re giving a presentation on the animals in your fish tank to your visitors on site and over a live stream on the internet using photos on a big screen to give the audience a closer look. The fish don’t follow a script and you have to pick your photos as the fish swim into sight. We created PhotoPresenter for iOS for just such a use case. You can browse your photo library invisible to the audience, pick the right photo and bring it on to your presentation screen seamlessly. You can use tools such as a spotlight or a pointer to highlight certain features of the fish. In the latest version of PhotoPresenter for iOS, we’ve added NDI® playout so that you can easily display the output not only to your presentation screen but also send it over the (Wifi) network into your live stream production system using mimoLive or other production systems that support NDI® input.

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PhotoPresenter iOS Ready for iOS 11

It took more time and effort than hoped, but PhotoPresenter is now ready for iOS 11 and available from the App Store.

PhotoPresenter is the perfect solution for showing you photos if you don't have time to prepare a slideshow. The photos in your library are invisible to the audience until you tap on them to make them appear on your external screen. PhotoPresenter supports all kinds of photos and videos in your Photo library. A Laser Pointer feature helps you to highlight specific areas of your photo and you can use your own logo to brand the screen that is shown if no photo or video is selected.

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