mimoLive 5.3: Updates to Facebook, NDI, Remote Control, Xkeys and support for macOS Catalina

mimoLive 5.3 is now available and is jam packed with cool new features:


  • Streaming to groups is now available again. Just make sure that mimoLive is added to the list of apps with access to your group and you'll be able to stream to it by simply choosing it from the list of streaming destinations.
  • Support for 1080p in Facebook has now been enabled.
  • Facebook removed the restrictions on using the API for multicasting (streaming to multiple services). Subsequently, you can now use mimoLive to stream to Facebook and YouTube (or other services) at the same time without restriction.


  • mimoLive now includes NDI 4. The new version improves performance and handling of multiple network connections. It also removes the need for a separate "driver" for NDI|HX cameras.

Remote Control Surfaces

  • You can now edit the text for lower thirds and other layers directly on a Remote Control Surface.

Xkeys Hardware Support

  • The Xkeys models XK-4, XK-8 and XK-16 by P.I. Engineering are now supported as tactile inputs for controlling mimoLive.

macOS Catalina

  • mimoLive 5.3 is fully supported for macOS Catalina, including notarization by Apple to ensure that it can't be used to infiltrate your computer with malware.

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