mimoLive 2.6.1: Support for StreamShark.io

As of version 2.6.1 mimoLive features direct support for StreamShark.io via their API.

After you've logged in to your StreamShark account, you can select your streaming destination from a popup menu in the Streaming Setup pane.

The folks at StreamShark have published a great guide to using mimoLive with StreamShark.

StreamShark.io offers customers a professional live streaming platform with low latency, support for mobile devices and detailed viewer reports. A unique player, advanced privacy controls, real time stats, monetization and great customer support round out the offering.

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Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, use mimoLive, FotoMagico or iStopMotion for scary projects to keep your family, friends or colleagues on the edge and haunt them forever.

  • FotoMagico Halloween Snippet: Send off your Halloween party guests with a memorable FotoMagico slide show that will haunt them forever. Watch the trailer...
  • mimoLive Halloween Pack: Scary Zombie puppets, spiders and more for pranking your respondents on Skype calls or Google Hangouts, or for endless greenscreen fun with the kids.
  • Headless Hoseman – The Animation Chefs obviously had fun creating their Halloween stop motion movie. You can, too!

mimoLive Halloween Pranks

In this tutorial, Leo shows you how to control the zombie puppets in the mimoLive Halloween pack and the Virtual Playout plugin in Skype or Hangout calls to prank your respondents – also quickly touching on using the remote control surfaces.

Feel free to use the mimoLive Halloween pack for other purposes, such as green screen fun with the kids or to projection mapping scary images on your house.

The mimoLive Halloween Pack contains:

  • 3 Zombie layers – virtual puppets that you can make grab things, slouch and more!
  • Mystic Fog Layer
  • Spider Web Layer – Beware of the spider dropping at your command!
  • Lightning Flashes – Watch closely to see what it does when there is a face in the video!
  • Horror Night Filter – drains all the color from your video, except blood!
  • Halloween Template – Your quick start point.

All include presets for the new remote control surfaces to let you easily command the zombies from your iPad.

Download mimoLive Halloween Pack

Follow this recipe:

  1. If you do not yet have mimoLive, download the latest version.
  2. Download the mimoLive Halloween Pack.
  3. Install the included components by double-clicking on the files.
  4. Download and install the Virtual Playout.
  5. Open the mimoLive Halloween document.
  6. Open Skype or Google Hangout (using Chrome) and select "mimoLive - Scary document" as a camera.
  7. Call you friends and scare them!