TEDSummit 2016 uses iStopMotion to visualize "one part per million"

The event where this workshop happened was TEDSummit 2016 and was run by TED-Ed

The attendees used iStopMotion and After Effects to visualize one part per million.

“Parts per million” is a scientific unit of measurement that counts the number of units of one substance per one million units of another. But because it’s hard to conceptualize really large numbers, it can be difficult to wrap our brains around what “one part per million” really means. Kim Preshoff (with help from 100+ animators from the TED-Ed Community) shares nine helpful ways to visualize it.

"After many years of working with iStopMotion in workshop environments, I can't say enough about iStopMotion in a classroom setting - ESPECIALLY with first-time animators. I've taught all ages and levels using iStopMotion for iPad, as well as on Mac, and in my experience, it's the most user-friendly software to introduce animation techniques to a group of students.

Because the software is so intuitive, participants can focus on learning the process and principles of animation, and leave workshops confident that they can create animation again on their own. This is such an improvement from just several years ago, when students did not have access to the tools to create animation at home, and when it took so long to see the product of their time spent animating.

With iStopMotion, attendees are instantly gratified by seeing their ideas in motion! While facilitating this particular workshop for TED-Ed, the conference attendees were instantly wowed by what they could make using simple household items like sugar, legos, and thumbtacks, and most completed the workshop saying that animation was easier than they'd imagined!" - said Lisa LaBracio, TED-Ed Animation Artist

You can see the result at the TED-Ed Website.

Photo Credits: Claudia Marcelloni, Jeremiah Dickey and Logan Smalley.

Let’s Animate hosts your animation party with iStopMotion for iPad

Let’s Animate offers creative animation courses and workshops using iStopMotion for iPad. They recently moved into a new studio based at Coventry’s creative hub Fargo Village, UK.

Created and run by Gemma, an industry experienced artist, with a passion for teaching. Gemma likes using the iPad version of iStopMotion as the iPad then becomes a full edit suite for everyone to use with ease. 

“I have used the Mac version of iStopMotion and I have used the green screen, however the iPads are used in my workshops as they are easy and appealing for people to use.”

She is using iMovie to edit the films, after creation, to add sounds, music and fine tune the shots.

Whether it’s a school workshop, community project, or children’s animation birthday party, Let’s Animate offers very individual support to have everyone creating their own animated movies. The studio can be hired for for a birthday package (Lego or Plastercine), adult courses including team building and hen parties.

If you would like to find out more or book on a course, please visit their website

mimoLive 2.5: Playlists, AXIS PTZ control, Twitch chat

I can't post as quickly as engineering churns out new versions of mimoLive!

Here comes mimoLive 2.5 with these great additions (apart from various of the usual fixes):

  • Playlist Source to play back multiple media files (video and audio) in a row. Make your own MTV, fill gaps in your live stream or play sponsor messages.
  • Playlist Visualizer layer that displays song title and artist whenever a new playlist item comes up.
  • AXIS Control layer for controlling pan, tilt and zoom of AXIS IP cameras, including face tracking!
  • Twitch Chat layer that displays the content of the IRC Chat of a Twitch channel.

Go get it now...

PS.: mimoLive 2.6 will also be a biggie and is already available as 2.6b1...