mimoLive 2.5beta: Playlists, Twitch chat, AXIS PTZ control

The big new feature in mimoLive 2.5 will be the Playlist Source. Beyond that, mimoLive 2.5beta has some cool things you shouldn't miss either:

  • Playlist Visualizer layer that displays song title and artist whenever a new playlist item comes up
  • AXIS Control layer for controlling pan, tilt and zoom of AXIS IP cameras
  • Twitch Chat layer that displays the content of the IRC Chat of a Twitch channel

Go get it now...

Impressions: Copenhagen (Water)

Our friend John M. Woody (Apple Distinguished Educator, filmmaker and overall great guy) turns every trip into a filmmaking exercise. This time, he went on a cruise of the Baltic Sea, taking his iPhone 6s+ and a LanParte HHG-01 stabilizer to shoot amazing 4K footage. For his still animation needs, he loves to turn to FotoMagico 5, adding significant punch to the videos while saving a lot of time. Watch the entire series...

mimoLive 2.5b1: Playlists! Need we say more?

Before the ink is properly dry on the mimoLive 2.4 announcement, the Boinx engineers serve up the next giant new feature: playlists.

mimoLive 2.5 will include a playlist source that allows you to play video or audio files. It supports playing each file one-by-one, continuous playout, random playout, looping, crossfades and more.

You can use it for:

  • Playing sponsor messages
  • Filling breaks in your live streams
  • Creating a music video show

and much more.

Give mimoLive 2.5b1 a spin...