PartySnapper Beta is Now Available – And You Can Party to Win an iPad Air 2!

Want to be one of the first to take Boinx’s exciting new photo-sharing app, PartySnapper, for a spin? Want the chance to win an iPad Air 2? Luckily, Boinx is holding a competition so you can do both!

PartySnapper is currently in beta mode, and to celebrate, Boinx will be running a fun and friendly contest to see who can throw the best party with the new app. PartySnapper Beta is now available for anyone with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 to test out, so grab your phones and start partying!

The host of the party with the most participants and the host of the party with the coolest picture will each receive an exclusive PartySnapper beer stein. All qualifying party hosts will also have a chance to win a brand-new iPad Air 2.

How to enter:

• Host a PartySnapper Beta Test Party with at least two of your friends.

• Send Boinx a group selfie with all party guests.

• Fill out the questionnaire (info below!) to officially enter.

For more information, to find the questionnaire, and to purchase cool PartySnapper swag for your party, visit the PartySnapper Beta site here! Good luck, and party on!

More on PartySnapper

PartySnapper has both a photo-taking mode for attendees and a mode for hosting parties. Every guest at a party takes tons of pictures with their iPhones. PartySnapper transmits these instantly to the host’s iPad or iPhone wirelessly, where all the photos are collected then displayed as a beautiful slideshow that plays on a TV or projector via AirPlay or cable. At the end of the party, there’s no need to ask the guests to send in their photos – they’ve already been aggregated on the host’s device. The app is super easy to use; hosts and party-goers alike should both be able to use it, even at the end of a long night of partying.

• Taking Pictures is Free! Taking pictures will always be free for your party guests. Tell everyone to download the free PartySnapper app and start taking pictures the moment they walk through the door.

• Free Party Light Mode: The Party Light mode is limited to one party with a 10 pictures slideshow. You can use this for an afternoon get together while planning the big party.

• In-App Purchases: Purchase a ticket for a single party with unlimited photos, valid for 7 days after purchase, or treat yourself to PartySnapper unlimited for all your parties all year round.

Some iStopMotion News from Nowhere

“As a digital artist I am always on the lookout for new image tech,” says John Harrison, a recent graduate of Dundee University in Scotland. “When iStopMotion first appeared I was intrigued by the possibilities of hooking up my iPhone with an iPad controller and working with time-lapse and stop motion animation.”

And so began John’s journey toward a Masters Degree in Animation and Visualisation. He elected to work with animation, and after completing the required two semesters of research he moved on to a semester of practicing the technique. John wanted to experiment while building on the narrative structures he explored earlier in the course, which led him to the idea behind his final project “News from Nowhere” – a stop motion animation commenting on our celebration of conflict and slow uptake of renewable energies.

“The idea simply came from me wanting to create worthwhile observation, albeit abstract!” John says.

He only had about three months to research and finalize his project, including scripting, storyboarding and production. It was no easy task.

“I have a strong interest in the application and creation of stop motion, and I knew early on I wanted this to be a major part of my work, but producing stop motion is not a small task,” says John. “So, after designing the main parts of my film, I broke down the stop motion to its main component – the character model.”

The main character of John’s film was to be grungy and trapped in a world of television and newsfeeds. He was animated on a green screen background because at that point, there was no official background. John was still in the process of designing the room the character was based in!

Producing the stop motion itself was surprisingly straightforward and quick. After setting up his iPhone and iStopMotion, John produced the animation in less than a week.

“I couldn’t have lived without the instant playback and delete frame features,” John says. “They allowed me to review my animation and delete and add frames in order to retime or add subtleties which otherwise would have been a much more complicated process.”

After the stop motion animation was complete, John composited and set it in Adobe After Effects to bring all the elements together. Check out the process here!

“Other parts of my animation include cut-out animation, Rotoscope, silhouette, 2D and CGI,” John says. “Each part of the short tells a story. I chose what I thought was the best technique to best communicate the part. In the end the whole work is about reflection – just taking time to think and hopefully make ourselves a brighter future.”

John’s future is in animation and research into animation technique, and he says he will definitely work with iStopMotion again.

“Its secret is in its simplicity,” he says. “Although folks – like me! – will want added features, I hope the strong emphasis on easily accessible user interface continues, as therein lies iStopMotion’s success!”

John’s film was recently featured at the university’s Masters Show. Be sure to look at all of the other great animations from the other graduates! You can also find more of John’s work on his Instagram.

A New Brickfilm Holiday … and a Huge iStopMotion Promotion!

Hold on to your costumes - there’s a new holiday to celebrate pre-Halloween! October 26th is now the International Day of Brickfilming for Peace, as proclaimed by our friends at golego animation. Want to celebrate with us? Try your hand at creating a short, peaceful animation or movie and make it public on the 26th. It’s not a contest, but everyone who creates a short animation is a winner!

To do our part, we’re making it easier for you to participate. From now until October 26th, iStopMotion for iPad will be available at half price (4.99 USD)!

Be sure to check out some of golego’s work for inspiration – including a movie about the future of mankind called “INFINITE – Albert EINSTEIN in LEGO brickfilm,” which placed third by jury vote and second by audience vote in the STEINEREI Brick Film Festival. “The ‘Making Of’” gives some great insight on how to put a brickfilm together behind the scenes.

For more details on the International Day of Brickfilming for Peace, and on golego themselves, visit them on Google+. Happy “holidays,” happy animating … and don’t forget to send us your brickfilm creations!

The Animation Chefs are Getting Hands-On at the SXSW Playground!

Congratulations and many thanks are in order - the Animation Chefs have been voted into the SXSWedu 2015 program, thanks to fine folks like you! We're so incredibly happy for them and can't wait to see them showing the SXSW crowd how to make the most of an iPad and use animation as a means to learn.

More about the Animation Chefs' talk, Put Academics in Motion with iPad Animation: Explore one of the oldest forms of filmmaking remade for tablet-based media literacy for the 21st century: learn how to put the art of stop motion animation to use in the classroom with the iPad. The speaker will guide the audience in the selection of a character, setting & problem as the Animation Chefs animate a digital film live on stage. Educators in all academic areas – math, writing, reading, science – walk away knowing how to tap into students’ minds through digital storytelling.

According to SXSWedu, "a Playground Hands On, facilitated by one or two speakers, is an instructional experience allowing the presenters to showcase a particular idea. Attendees are able to explore their creative side within the provided thirty minute time frame."

We hope to see you all out in Austin in March 2015! Be sure to check out the video above for a look at the Chefs' new Animating Kids venture!