Non-Commercial mimoLive licenses

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mimoLive Non-Profit

Exclusively for non-commercial use only, not for generating any income, neither private or professional.

Eligible for:

  • - individuals for private use
  • - for teachers and schools (K-12) for educational use in a classroom
  • - non-profit organizations

Not eligible for churches, universities, and government organizations.

Standard support
  • - Phone (1st level)
  • - Forum
  • - Email

Eligibility check for non-profit status

To be eligible for our non-profit offers, you must fill out this survey and meet all our criteria.

You find commercial mimoLive licenses here.

Authorised mimoLive resellers

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Sales support

Contact the Boinx Sales team with general questions about license, multi-user license, troubleshooting, or purchase of our products.