Morning School News: King’s Ridge Christian School

The lower school at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta GA (USA) uses mimoLive™ for their morning school news program.  They broadcast the news each morning live within the school then post it to Facebook to share the gifts and talents of their students along with the fantastic product Boinx Software has created for this use.  Tiger TV is a student-driven program by the students for the students.  

The two anchors receive their scripts weekly, but they have errors in them, these errors coincide with the curriculum they are learning.  The students have to edit the scripts and be ready for the next day’s production.  

The school also have two teleprompter operators, two camera operators, and a weather person.  Then retain three students from the crew, and they become managers for the next team. These managers control the sound, the Mac, mimoLive™, and the floor.  Every 4th grader participates in rotating through the 20+ day crew jobs.  

Each student in this lower school participates in the Tiger TV program by leading the Pledge of Allegiance and or having a spotlight performance on the Tiger TV LIVE program.  

Written by Mary Williams