Running a Fitness Channel on YouTube

“In today’s world, volume of content is very important,” say May and Tal Mor, the producers of They run a fitness channel on YouTube. mimoLive™ saves them time for post production, because they create the shows live. While May entertains the audience in front of the camera, Tal is the one-man live vide director. This workflow enables them to create a large amount of quality long video content very easily:

„I simply edit our show on-the-fly during the live broadcast. By the end of the broadcast we have a high quality and edited video ready to be uploaded to social media”, Tal explains.

They appreciate mimoLive’s features, giving them a lot of possibilities to be creative. They have designed their own beautiful graphics for their show. mimoLive’s built-in support for right-to-left text flow helps them to run their News Crawler into the correct direction for the Hebrew language.

“It’s incredibly easy & fun to use. We’re very happy we found mimoLive.”

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