Guitarworld – How to Livestream a Shred Legend: Michael Angelo Batio 2017 Live Interview

Troy Grady, purveyor of fine guitar riffs, wrote up a story for Guitar World about how he pulled off the live streaming broadcast of his interview with Guitarist legend Michael Angelo Batio using mimoLive.

“Three 4K cameras, a video-enabled smartphone, three microphones, one guitar, one blaring amplifier, and one blazing shred legend streaming a television-quality video and audio broadcast to a 70,000-person internet audience through a single turbocharged iMac? Sure, no problem”, Troy writes.

How did he pull it off? Using mimoLive and its coolest feature ever, mimoCall, powered by a top-of-the-line Retina 5K iMac, he not only achieved pristine video quality, but was able to easily take questions from guests calling in from all over the planet. “mimoLive’s feature set simply cannot be equaled for less than thousands of dollars worth of business-class broadcast hardware and software,” Troy proclaims. He adds: “And its ease of use, considering the number of features it allows a single operator on a single machine to perform, doesn’t exist at any price point that we are aware of.”

High praise indeed from a perfectionist like Troy. But, in his mind, the highlight clearly is mimoCall. He writes: “mimoCall is a built-in feature of the mimoLive broadcast application which automatically routes incoming video calls through Boinx’s proprietary Skype-style servers, straight to your broadcast machine, over the internet. You read that correctly: built-in. I’ll type that again to emphasize the absurdity of this: built-in.”

Troy, we’re glad you like it and we’re looking forward to seeing you use it a lot in the future!