Deep dive into mimoLive in less than 10 minutes

For those looking to add more production value to your live streams… check out what I use!

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Danny Black

From his YouTube Site:

Thanks for stopping by… during this crazy time I am trying to get out some of these technical videos since I cant travel or get on cruise ships. Today I am excited to show you the software that I have been using the past 2 years. This software blows me away, every time I use it I learn something new! ⚡️Download it here: and try it for free… if you have any questions leave them in the comments. 💡SPONSORED BY ME: I am launching a website where you can hire me for a one-on-one session via video chat and I can help you on your projects, whether it be Live Streams or Video Editing. I have so much experience in this stuff and if this is your chance to learn new skills I can show you different techniques that will help you be much more productive and save you so much more time in the future. For now you can send me an email [email protected] with the subject “one-on-one session” and I can give you more info. check out my music channel…
insta = @hereisdannyblack
twitter = @dannyblacksays