mimoLive 2.6: Remote Control Surfaces

Stefan is introducing you to the new mimoLive Remote Control Surfaces, now available in mimoLive 2.6.

This feature allows you to create a remote control surface that has exactly the buttons you need to run your show.

You can use the remote control surface on your iOS or Android device, as it is a web app that runs in the browser.


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You can also use multiple control surfaces to control the same mimoLive document. This allows you to share responsibility among several operators. For example, one operator could be switching the cameras, another control the lower thirds and a third is keeping an eye on the sound.

This feature is using the new, built-in HTTP API which allows you to control mimoLive via HTTP requests. This opens up mimoLive for all kinds of integrations.

To check out the complete list of changes for mimoLive 2.6, click this button:

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