mimoLive 2.3b3: Improvements to Virtual Playout, usablility, screen playout,Twitter layer and more

mimoLive 2.3b3 contains so much new stuff, that, back in the olden days, it would have been a great major update all by itself!

Here's what's new since 2.3b2 last week:

  • The Virtual Playout plugins now work with Google Hangout in Safari and QuickTime Player Movie Recording as well. Please update the plugins by downloading und running the installer again: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/knowledge/installation-and-setup/WS100457
  • The settings popovers for recording, streaming, playout and full screen playout can be detached and placed persistently anywhere. This is not just very handy for monitoring the streaming status.
  • Added the option to mirror the fullscreen output. This is very helpful if you use the fullscreen playout for a confidence monitor. Actors in front of a greenscreen can now move more intuitively.
  • Photos that appear in the Twitter layer can now be limited in height.

Also, this release fixes a lot of crashing bugs.

mimoLive 2.3 shapes up to be a great release with these things already added before 2.3b3:

  • Virtual Playout! Use mimoLive in Skpye or Google Hangout as a camera source!
  • Import FMLE-Configuration files provided by most streaming services.
  • Twitter layer will display associated images. Also gave it a face lift and made the "boradcast layout" suggested by Twitter the default.
  • Added a Subtitle layer that is able to playback .srt or .sbv formatted subtitle files. (Default content is "Pledge of Allegiance" for school morning announcements)

Download mimoLive 2.3b3...