PartySnapper: The Social Photo Wall App That Will Wow Your Party Guests

Puchheim, Germany – March 18, 2015 – PartySnapper, the newest app from Boinx Software, is now available to the public, just in time for all those prepping for wedding season or anyone who’s simply ready to celebrate the end of winter. A social photo wall on steroids, PartySnapper is an iOS app that will truly wow party-goers around the world. The new app from Boinx allows party hosts to collect all photos taken at a party in one central location, while keeping party-goers engaged and connected to all the action, as their personally snapped photos instantly stream onto a venue’s surrounding screens. And for a limited time only, PartySnapper Party Hard Unlimited is now 50% off! (See below for in-app pricing). Get PartySnapper today!

Watch Dr. Term T. Bowman explain how PartySnapper works here!

Originally invented for a wedding, the initial idea for PartySnapper was conceived of by Boinx Software video guru Bastian Wölfle, who developed a very early version of the app when he tied the knot in 2012. “Being the geek that I am, I knew I wanted to do something a bit nerdy for our big day. At so many weddings, they give out old disposable cameras for guests to snap pictures with, but these days, just about everyone has an iPhone they’re taking photos with anyway. I thought, why not find a way to connect everyone in so the pictures they snap are not only automatically saved in one central place, but automatically stream to the venue’s screens instantly? It created a really fun and engaging element I knew others would want to have at their weddings and events, too.

Luckily a couple of the Boinx guys were at my wedding so they could see and how much people loved the slideshow. I like to tell myself that this convinced them PartySnapper is a great app that entertains guests and works easily.

Kelly Guimont of the Mac Observer said of the app, “I love this idea because aside from the cool factor of showing off pictures at an event as they happen, having them all on my device at the end is unbelievably convenient.

Bring a special touch to every event you host this year. Whether it’s a slew of events leading up to the “Big Day” or even just a backyard barbeque, PartySnapper is here to make sharing photos fun and easy for everyone.

About PartySnapper

Every guest at a party or social gathering takes tons of pictures with their iPhones. PartySnapper transmits these instantly to the event host’s iPad or iPhone wirelessly, where all the photos are collected then displayed as a beautiful slideshow that plays on a TV or projector via AirPlay or cable. PartySnapper has both a photo-taking mode for attendees and a mode for hosting parties. At the end of the party, there’s no need to ask the guests to send in their photos – they’ve already been aggregated on the host’s device. The app is super easy to use; hosts and party-goers alike will both be able to use it, even at the end of a long night of partying.

Taking Pictures is Free! Taking pictures will always be free for your party guests. Tell everyone to download the free PartySnapper app and start taking pictures the moment they walk through the door.

Free Party Light Mode: Party Light mode is limited to one party with a 10-picture slideshow. You can use this for an afternoon get together while planning for the main event.

Party Hard With In-App Purchases: 4.99 USD gets you 7 days of unlimited partying; 9.99 USD is perfect for those with 30 days of partying ahead of them; and, for the biggest party animals out there, 29.99 USD gets you a lifetime of partying (great for anyone with a party-hosting venue)

Party Hard Unlimited – Intro Pricing for a Limited Time Only!

To celebrate the launch of PartySnapper, Boinx is offering Party Hard Unlimited (a value of 29.99 USD) at 50% off – that’s just 14.99 USD to party on, and on, and on. But hurry, normal pricing will resume in just a few days!

For more PartySnapper information, see the support website.

PartySnapper Press Inquiries

Members of the media are invited to review PartySnapper. For more information, please contact Anya Oskolkova at [email protected] Download the PartySnapper press kit here.

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