Boinx Software joins Noise Industries development partner program; releases FxTiles FxPack at NAB 2009

Attendees to the NAB 2009 exhibition can see the new FxTiles FxPack release at the Apple Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet held at the Rio Hotel on April 21, 2009 and at the Boinx Software NAB Booth SU10224-C.

“Noise Industries has a unique value proposition for its partners. The open FxFactory engine is a clever way for developers to build brand new applications leveraging a highly stable and mature platform,” comments Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software. “It also gives developers instant recognition among the very large FxFactory user base. This makes the partner program very successful for developers…and a very clever way for Noise Industries to quickly expand the FxFactory product line with the breadth and depth of innovations.”

“What an honor to have Boinx Software join our team,” Niclas Bahn, director of business development, Noise Industries. “They have been developing image manipulation technology with substantial success for a very long time in various markets. We look forward to bringing this exceptional development expertise and fresh design perspective to our FxFactory family.”

About Noise Industries Development Partners

FxPacks are developed by Noise Industries and its partners using the Noise Industries FxFactory Pro plug-in manager. The FxFactory Pro Plug-in Manager provides broadcast designers a user-friendly development tool to create additional effects plug-in packages for Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express applications.

About the New FxTiles FxPack - Flipped, Shattered & Spread

The new Boinx FxTiles FxPack brings true 3D image treatment and manipulation to After Effects and Final Cut users. Highlights of the new release include:

FxTiles Filters

  • Flip 3D – Users can divide the source image in tiles and flip them in 3D space.
  • Shatter 3D – Users can divide images into tiles and animate them through 3D space.
  • Spread 3D - Divides the image into tiles and offsets each tile in 3D space.

FxTiles Transitions

  • Flip & Reveal 3D - Divides the source image into tiles and flips them in 3D space to reveal the same portions of the destination image.
  • Shatter & Rebuild 3D - Shatter the image into fragments while at the same time rebuilding fragments of the destination image in place of the source.
  • Shatter & Rebuild with Fade 3D - Shatter the image into fragments that gradually fade out, then fades in fragments of the destination image and uses them to rebuild it in place of the source.
  • Shatter & Reveal 3D has two variants: in the first, the source image is shattered to reveal the destination image below it. In the second variant, a shattered version of the destination image is gradually rebuilt over the source.

Boinx FxTiles FxPack and Pricing

The Boinx FxTiles FxPack is available today for 49.00 USD via the Boinx Software web site. Additional FxFactory plug-in FxPacks are available for free or commercially starting at a price point of 29.00 USD. FxFactory products can be purchased via the Noise Industries web site or through Noise Industries Partners. Adobe® After Effects CS3/CS4, Apple Final Cut Studio 2 and Apple Final Cut Express 4 users can test drive Motype as well as hundreds of FxFactory plug-ins by downloading the free 15-day trial version.

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops award winning software for the creative Mac user in animation, movie production and photography. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture and won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico, winner of two Apple Design Awards—“Best Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and Media Application Runner‐up 2008” and “Best Mac OS X User Experience Runner‐up 2006,” is a presentation tool for professional photographers. Boinx PhotoPresenter, winner of the Apple Design Award 2005 “Best Mac OS X Student Product,” is a quick slideshow tool with a variety of pre‐built templates. BoinxTV is a revolutionary live production software that turns any Mac into a TV studio. Boinx Mouseposé is the indispensable mouse pointer highlighting tool for everyone doing presentations, training or demos.

About Noise Industries, LLC

Established in 2004, Boston Massachusetts based Noise Industries is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast community. Their products are integrated with popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple, Adobe and Avid. For more information about Noise Industries, please visit:

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