Boinx Software introduces Electronically Distributable Christmas Gift Certificate

Electronically Distributable Christmas Gift Certificate (EDCGC)

"Giving Software as a christmas gift has never been very rewarding, since the gift can not be wrapped in a package. Our new Electronically Distributable Christmas Gift Certificates, or, EDCGCs, as we call them, changes this", says Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software. The Electronically Distributable Christmas Gift Certificate (EDCGC) is a personalized PDF file sent to the customers by email that can be printed on a printer of the presenters choice. A sample of the EDCGC and purchase instructions can be found at

Great gifts for Apple iSight owners

When given in conjunction with a digital video camera or a webcam, Boinx iRecordNow and Boinx iStopMotion greatly enhance the gift's value. Enjoy making animations using the other christmas presents, or make a time lapse recording of the snowman melting, or use iRecordNow to record the christmas greetings to your grandparents. There are many ways to enjoy your digital video camera with Boinx Software products.

Pricing and Availability

EDCGCs for Boinx Software products are now available from our Kagi Store. Boinx iStopMotion sells for USD 39.95, iRecordNow for USD 14.95. The EDCGC is a free option and will be delivered in the form of a personalized PDF file to be output on your printer.

More info about iStopMotion can be found at

More info about iRecordNow can be found at