PR-Newsflash: FotoMagico 1.2.4 hatches despite summer heat

Version 1.2.4 improvements

"What should have been a minor bug fix release turned out to become a rather more substantial update for us." says Oliver Breidenbach, head of Boinx Software. "many new insights into OpenGL and Mac OS X had to be incorporated so that playback is now much smoother than it already used to be for all machines." Also added to this new version have been export presets for HD and H.264 formats. A full list of updates can be found at

High Res Demo Slideshow

Also available from is a new, high resolution demo slideshow that shows what kind of quality can be achieved with large displays and fast Macs.

Pricing and availability

The Version 1.2.4 update is free to all current owners of a Boinx FotoMagico license. New licenses are available from Kagi for just US$79 ( Try before you buy with a free demo license available from

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software is a trademark of GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH, based in Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops and publishes fun and easy to use applications for the creative user. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture for your digital hub and won the O'Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico is a tool to create and perform professional live slideshows and won the Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2004. Boinx iVeZeen turns your webcam into a digital camcorder. Information about Boinx Software and its services can be obtained from its website