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Dear [FullName]

An exciting summer lies behind us. We still can't believe that we won our first Apple Design Award, Best Mac OS X User Experience (Runner-up), no less!

The summer also meant a lot of hard work for the team, bringing the applications forward. Mouseposé 2.5 and iVeZeen 2.2 are now available, FotoMagico 1.8 is on the horizon.

And last but not least: read a couple of exciting customer stories in this issue of the Boinx Software Newsletter. If you have something yourself you'd like to share, let us know.


Your Boinx Software Team:
Oliver, Achim, Vera, Michael, Florian, Peter & Werner.

Mouseposé 2.5 adds Key Visualisation


Mouseposé is a tool for trainers and teachers who need highlight things on the screen. Version 2.5 shows your audience all the keys you are pressing during your presentation. This is essential for them to understand what you are doing. Mouseposé 2.5.1, which fixes a minor issue is now available.

Video Blogging with iVeZeen 2.2

Although iVeZeen already worked fine on Intel Macs, we took the opportunity to take it Universal when we fixed a minor issue with the built-in iSights and updated it to version 2.2.

If you have a license for iVeZeen, you can download the update and use it with your existing license. New licenses are available from Kagi at just US$ 14.95.

Darcy Pendergast: Ron the Zookeeper

Darcy Prendergast is a 21 year old clay animator from Melbourne Australia. At 21, he has already achieved international success with his animated films, and continues to push the boundaries of the medium with the aid of iStopMotion. "iStopMotion is on the same level as sliced bread, or the invention of television…… to an animator at least", he says. Read more...

Sneak Peek FotoMagico 1.8

Aperture Integration

Aperture 1.5 users will be able use their photo libraries with FotoMagico 1.8 just as easy as iPhoto users. Here is a sneak peek at FotoMagico 1.8: Download the beta version and give us feedback.

iStopMotion News


Popular videoblog Rocketboom visits the Children's Museum of the Arts in New York to observe the kids creating clay animations with iStopMotion.

The tutorial movies by George Rota at Atomic Learning demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create an animation movie with iStopMotion.

BBC Blast on Tour was a huge success. Over 200 workshops of all kinds - including one nearly every day with iStopMotion - took place during the tour, and over 35,000 people visited the truck.

Creating Flipbooks

Flipbook Printing

iStopMotion creator Achim Breidenbach has prepared a tutorial on creating flipbooks with iStopMotion.

New Home for Boinx Chronicles

Boinx Chronicles has a new home and new RSS feeds.

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