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Dear [FullName]

it is going to be a hot holiday season 2006!

The brand new iStopMotion box has hit the US retail stores. You already know why it is the perfect holiday gift. If not, check out the iStopMotion website.

Of course we will have a little something for you to celebrate your anticipation of this year's holidays. More on that in the next newsletter.


Your Boinx Software Team:
Oliver, Achim, Vera, Michael, Florian, Peter & Werner.


For Information on where to purchase the iStopMotion Box in the USA and Europe, click here.

Tutorial: Export Slideshows with FotoMagico

So you have created a great slideshow with FotoMagico and now want to send it to your customers, family and friends? Sure that you want them to be able to watch the slideshow in the best possible quality. While creating a spectacular slideshow is quite easy within FotoMagico, the Export sometimes seems to be a bit tricky and we receive a lot of questions all around the export options. To help you sharing your slideshow with the best possible export quality we created a tutorial explaining all options on how to export and share your Fotomagico slideshow. Read on...

Music Video: The Deathly Deaths "See the World"

See The World

The Deadly Deaths are a 3 piece band, based in Hamilton NZ and have just finished their first music video and single "See the World". The video was created using iStopMotion. Watch the video and grab the single as a free download at their website. The Making Of was documented at their weblog, where you'll find a lot of production pictures.

MacUser: 5 Mice for FotoMagico and Mouseposé

MacUser 5 Mice

The October 06 issue of MacUser UK includes reviews by Steve Caplin for both FotoMagico 1.7 and Mousposé 2.5:

On Mouseposé he writes:"Mousepose does exactly what's needed for the job in hand. [...] It won't make you work faster, but it will definitely make your demonstrations a whole lot slicker." The rating is 5 of 5 mice for Mouseposé.

FotoMagico 1.7 is rated 5 of 5 mice, too: "Although there are other slide show programs, none rival FotoMagico for its ease of use, flexibility and the superb professionalism of its output. A joy to use."

Online access requires a premium account: FotoMagico and Mouseposé.

Insomnia Film Festival

If you are a student in the US and don't have anything planned for this friday evening, you might want to check out Apple's Insomnia Film Festival. Create a cool movie within 24 hours and you'll win nice prices. Did we mention that iStopMotion and FotoMagico are great tools for just such a thing?



A really cool device for MacBook and MacBook Pro users: The Huckleberry by Mungai Mirrors. Use the built-in iSight for looking at things other than yourself.

Mouseposé 2.5 Intro Ends

Remember: There are only a few days left to purchase Boinx Mouseposé at US$ 9.95 - after Nov. 15th, licenses are US$ 14.95.

Animation Workshops

The Digital Media Centre, UK has just started to use iStopMotion for their Animation Workshops. In October 2006, artist Ming Wong led a stop frame animation workshop for adults. Watch the movies here.

NBA Animation Project

Jazz Bear

Michael Capell and his team did an animation project for the NBA, animating the mascots of various teams in a wrestling match. Nice photos and a lot of background info from the production set as well as a couple of the animations can be found on his website.

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