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Times continue to be very exciting. Last month at NAB, we were demoing an early preview of iStopMotion 2 which excited the visitors along with a couple of Quartz Composer plug-ins which will appear in products soon.

FotoMagico 2.1 beta

The team is hard at work to bring a couple of updates and new releases to market. If you want, you can check out the FotoMagico 2.1 Beta which features vastly improved export quality for H.264 and DV formats used for the web and for DVDs and has a nice color adjustment feature with which you can make a sequence of images match each others color better.

Next month is Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco where the Boinx Software team will take a close look at Mac OS X Leopard. You will hear all about our plans with that in the upcoming newsletters or at Boinx Chronicles.


Your Boinx Software Team:
Oliver, Achim, Vera, Michael, Florian, Peter, Stefan & Bastian.

Animation Movie Festival

Animation Movie Festival

Belgian Apple Distinguished Educator Olivier Maissin organised the Animation Movie Festival at Saint-Joseph school in Libramont, Belgium. 220 visitors came to see and make stop motion movies. Read more and watch the movies...

Modest Mouse Contest

Prove your talents at this interesting contest by Apple: "Modest Mouse want a video for their new single "Missed The Boat". They know there are tons of talented fans and video directors out there who have what it takes to put it together. So that's where you come in." The challenge is to take footage shot by the band on green screen and add your spin. Submission Deadline is May 22nd, 2007 and details are available from the Apple web site.

Zeum at Maker Faire

Maker Faire

Create your own stop-motion animation with the artists from Zeum at Maker Faire on May 19-20, 2007 at San Mateo Fairgrounds.

Made with FotoMagico

Ancient Light

Stunning photography and the award winning music of Scott August come together in the enchanting exploration of the American Southwest on Cedar Mesa Music's "Ancient Light" DVD. Visit the most popular destinations of the Four Corners area of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, and discover its most secret, hidden places. Breathtaking canyons. Soaring arches. Sweeping vistas. Ancient ruins. Scott August's unique mix of soothing Native American flutes, world drums, guitars, and pianos seamlessly blends with spectacular images of the Southwest, creating a journey that will transport you to the mystic lands of Ancient Light.

iVeZeen 2.2.1

iVeZeen 2.2.1 fixes an issue introduced with the recent update to QuickTime 7.1.5 where iVeZeen 2.2 would stop recording after a few seconds.

Print Flipbook and Save

A special treat for you from our friends at FlipClips: Use coupon code "istop0607" (valid until end of June) and save $3 on a fabulously printed flip book. You can use your iStopMotion animation, FotoMagico slideshow or any other movie with their service.

Huckleberry II

Huckleberry II

Use the MacBook Pro built in iSight to point the other way with Mungai Mirrors' Huckleberry II. The updated device has an expanded field of view, making it even better for use with iStopMotion or iVeZeen.

MacApper Reviews

"FotoMagico, unlike iPhoto and iMovie, is designed specifically for the task of creating photo slideshows." (FotoMagico Review by Josh Holloway)

"iStopMotion from Boinx is one of the most fun and creative Mac applications that I have ever used." (iStopMotion Review by Elliott Cost)

"Mouseposé is one of the most useful and simplistic Mac apps out there." (Mouseposé Review by Elliott Cost)

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