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FotoMagico 2.2
June 30th, 2008
Boinx Chronicles News

Dear [full name]

Do you remember that we sent some of our developers to WWDC? Back from San Francisco, they proudly held a precious little cube in their trembling hands. For the second time, FotoMagico, the award-winning story-telling tool for professional photographers, was honored with an "Apple Design Award" — this time as as runner-up in the category of ‘Best Mac OS X Media Application’. How cool is that?

But development never stops and somehow Boinx managed to get a new version out of the door - almost. FotoMagico 2.5 is not final yet but we decided to release a Public Beta to let you have a look at the new features. The Public Beta is functional until the end of July. So grab your copy, give it a run and tell us what you think, we appreciate any feedback on the new version.


Your Boinx Software Team.

Oliver, Achim, Vera, Monika, Michael, Frank, Florian, Peter B., Peter S., Nicholas, Stefan, Bastian, Tino & Leon.

FotoMagico 2.5 Public Beta

Version 2.5 has some interesting new features to explore: Teleprompter mode, integration of the iMedia Browser and YouTube export to name a few. Download your copy now!

FotoMagico Teleprompter

1. Teleprompter

We had to admit that we had planned this feature a long time before. Have you ever asked yourself why your live presentation is not as fluent as a Steve Jobs keynote? With the new teleprompter mode of FotoMagico 2.5 you can show your photos on one display and read your notes for every slide on another. Nicely animated, you get a preview showing which pictures comes next and can even jump back and forth to every slide in the storyboard with just a click of your mouse.

2. iMedia Browser

With FotoMagico 2.5, Boinx now supports the iMedia Browser framework. What does this mean? Life of professional photographers is getting more comfortable. With the integrated iMedia Browser users now can access their media libraries not only from iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture but also from from other software including Adobe Lightroom seamlessly.

iMedia Browser, YouTube Export

3. YouTube Export

The Sharing Assistant has a new option. It's now possible to export your photo presentation movie directly to YouTube. Time to impress a global audience!


Download Public Beta

FotoMagico 2.5 Public Beta will expire on July 31st.

Tony Wu Photography

Tony Wu PhotographyFotoMagico is a story-telling tool. And Tony Wu knows how to tell a story. "A Day on Mabul Island" blends in photography, movie clips, sound and voice-over narration into a dense and insightful travelogue.

"Fotomagico is an unbelievably powerful and liberating software package that is the perfect tool for the type of stories I like to tell," Tony told us.

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The Universal Language

Michael FrommMichael Fromm, who has been teaching middle school and music classes for the past 17 years, reports about his experiences in making stop motion animations in school.

"With stop motion work in class, I see a stronger focus and increased patience than usual, particularly in agitative students. I think this is due to a greater sense of achievement in using the Macintosh in general and iStopMotion in particular."

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FotoMagico Screencast

What is FotoMagico? A slideshow movie tool for the 21st century? A photo presentation software for professional photographers? The best way to tell your story? Our screencast gives you a first impression of the possibilities.

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Tutoriel Vidéo FotoMagico

Si vous êtes francophone, celui-ci est pour vous: JenM4e est un podcasteur français, en fournissant un excellent didacticiel vidéo gratuit pour FotoMagico.

En savoir plus…



iStopMotion Examples of the Week

Go!Le Go! - 802.701
Go!Le Go! — 802.701 Part 1
The new Go!Le Go! movie is out! 802.701 is based in H. G. Wells "The Time Machine". Made by Steffen Tröger and Sandra Abele.
Tax-Free Time
CTS-EP15 — Tax-Free Time
What are doing Mac users in their spare time? With 48 hours and iStopMotion in their hands they will day-dreaming in bricks.
d11b - Kugellawine verschüttet Ballack!
d11b — Kugellawine verschüttet Ballack!
As the EURO2008 craziness reached its climax in Europe, the German team got its own clay animation show, powered by iStopMotion.

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Hermann: Single User License

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