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Storytelling for Photographers

Dear [FullName]

After almost a year of development and hard work, the Boinx Software Team is proud to tell you that FotoMagico 2 is finally ready. If you are already familiar with FotoMagico 2, please note the maintainance update to FotoMagico 2.0.1 in the sidebar.


Starting with this release, there will be two distinct flavors: Express and Pro. The more affordable FotoMagico 2 Express is for the casual photographer who keeps the photos in iPhoto and does slideshows for friends and family. FotoMagico 2 Pro continues the tradition of FotoMagico 1.8, tailored to the needs of the professional photographer.


The update special is a great opportunity for the professional who wants to update to FotoMagico 2 Pro before May 31st at just $30(*). FotoMagico 1.8 users without the need of Aperture support and who have never used the custom export settings can get FotoMagico 2 Express at no charge.

Both updates are available through the built-in setup assistant. Just download the app, start it and the assistant will help you to get your new license.

So, visit the shiny new website for more information and great customer stories. As usual, do not hesitate to let us know what you think about the new version or website.

If you missed us at PMA07 earlier this month, in April we are at NAB2007 in the Bavarian Pavilion. Drop by if you want to share your thoughts about our products.


Your Boinx Software Team:
Oliver, Achim, Vera, Michael, Florian, Peter, Werner & Stefan.

What's New in 2.0

FotoMagico 2 introduces new ways to share slideshows in high quality with people who do not have their own copy of FotoMagico on their Macs.

Player Icon

You can now create standalone players and screensavers that offers the same playback quality as the full version of FotoMagico. Standalone players and screensavers start the show as soon as they are opened and can be made to expire after a certain time or after having been played a certain number of times.

In order to brand your shows add a visible watermark to the presentation which is visible during the complete playback.

The new UI is not only sporting a refreshed look but also makes FotoMagico even more enjoyable to use.

For an in-depth look at what's new visit the Website.

FotoMagico 2 Screen

Rick Rosen's Tutorials

Rick has already updated his excellent video tutorials to cover FotoMagico 2. Learn how to use FotoMagico and get the most out of it in seven easy video lessons. The are available for just $49(*) and you can now order them at Rick's website and soon at our Kagi Store.

Download and Try

FotoMagico 2.0.1 is out and includes a couple of improvements.

Note: The download includes both FotoMagico 2 Express and FotoMagico 2 Pro. Your license key determines what features are enabled.

You can try the new version before you buy it. Just download the app, and follow the assistant to the demo license.

Universal ADA

Updating to FotoMagico 2

To celebrate the release of FotoMagico 2, the update to FotoMagico 2 Pro is just US$30(*) until May 31st, 2007. See a list of new features and licensing options on the Express vs. Pro page. If you do not want to update to FotoMagico 2 Pro because you do not need all the features of the Pro version, you can also move to FotoMagico 2 Express at no charge.

Express vs. Pro

To serve the needs of different groups of photographers, FotoMagico 2 comes in two flavors: An even more affordable FotoMagico 2 Express at just $49(*) for the casual photographer and a FotoMagico 2 Pro at $129 (*) for the professional photographer. Both flavors are available as a Family License which allows the use on up to 5 computers in a private household. Multi-User licensing is available on request. To compare the differences between the new versions see the features table at the website.



HarvardPhoto uses FotoMagico not only to impress their customers on their website, they repurpose their shots to create more value for the newlyweds: Their friends can download a slideshow of the wedding from a podcast on iTunes to their iPods. More customer stories...

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