3rd party integration

mimoLive offers and supports a wide range of third party integrations. This website shall be used as a first reference for this topic but is not complete. This list grows continuously as we progress and discover new solutions available. If you come across any interesting integration, please let us know. 

mimoLive & NDI®

mimoLive fully supports NDI® on Intel based Macs.

What is NDI®?

NDI® (Network Device Interface) is a free protocol for Video over IP, developed by NewTek®. It is designed to allow distribution of live professional video over existing IP infrastructure, freeing users from hardware constraints and gives the benefits of reduced cost and deployment time.

NDI® promises to usher in a new era in video production by taking the video signal to IP making it easier than ever to connect video sources over Ethernet, eliminating the need for special SDI or HDMI wires and capture devices.

It is perfect for mimoLive, allowing you to add more cameras and other interesting video sources at low cost. See below for all the various ways to use mimoLive and NDI®.

Skype® Call Recording with NDI®

Easily record Skype® calls

Record Skype calls with mimoLive without any hassle. mimoLive offers a simple and free solution to your everyday business requirement. All you have to do is to activate the NDI® support through the Skype® settings. Once you do that, any Skype® call from this application will be broadcasted as an NDI® input source on your mimoLive software. Just set your file recording output destination and start recording your Skype call.

NDI Settings



Social Media Content for NDI®

Workflows With TriCaster®

mimoLive integrates well with any NDI® based workflows like the NewTek TriCaster because it can play out video via NDI® with alpha channel, transporting all the transparencies needed to use it as a very sophisticated and versatile graphic generator. This allows you to integrate social media such as Twitter, Instagram photos, Facebook and YouTube comments and more.


Learn more about Newtek and NDI® at https://www.ndi.tv/



Using mimoLive in Your NDI® Workflow

YouTube Comments for your NDI® Workflow

In addition to comments on Facebook, with mimoLive, you can also monitor, curate and display comments from YouTube viewers in your live video production. Want more viewers? This is a great way to engage your audience which leads to higher interaction scores on YouTube and increases the visibility of your live stream.

Facebook Comments for your NDI® Workflow

Monitoring and answering comments is the holy grail of growing and engaging your audience. Responding to your audience comments increases the likelihood of your audience posting comments which in turn increases the interaction score of your post, giving you more exposure. With mimoLive, you can monitor and curate comments on your Facebook live stream, making them appear on screen when the host responds.

mimoLive facebook comment

Facebook Likes for your NDI® Workflow

Earn bragging rights by increasing the “likes” on your Facebook page. Audience loves interacting with your live stream. If they press the “Like” button on Facebook, and their vote shows up instantly in your live stream, that brings them back for more. The “Likes” badge shows the real time count and feeds directly into your NDI® workflow.

mimolive facebook likes

Facebook Reactions for your NDI® Workflow

More audience interaction means better ranking which leads to better exposure of your live stream to your audience. Reactions are a great way to connect to the audience and have them participate. Let them cast a vote with the Facebook Reactions which they can follow in real time in your live stream.

mimoLive - Reactions

Twitter Feed for your NDI® Workflow

Let your audience contribute to your live stream with comments and photos via a Twitter feed. You can moderate the feed with your smartphone and choose from several different designs. The resulting graphics is sent to your NDI® production workflow via network as a video with transparency, ready to be keyed into your existing video feed.

mimolive - twitter

Skype® Recording

With Microsoft®, a real heavyweight joined the NDI® community. Download the latest Skype Desktop for Mac or Windows, turn on NDI® and all your calls will be available on the local network as NDI® sources. This makes it super easy to record Skype® calls in mimoLive. If you don’t want to force your callers to sign up with Microsoft®, mimoLive offers a great alternative with mimoCall.

Polls and Quizzes for your NDI® Workflow

This short demo video by forum user @wibbly shows you how to integrate polls – multiple choice, open questions, quizzes and more – into your NDI® based workflows with Mentimeter and the help of the mimoLive™ Browser Capture Source.

mimoLive Poll

Turn any camera into a NDI® camera

mimoLive is a solution to turn your webcam, SDI camera, DSLR camera, HDMI camera, iOS device and more into a NDI® camera. Even if you don’t apply one of the many filters such as face tracking, color correction or the chroma keyer, simply adding another video source to your NDI® workflow ads value.

Use your phone as a wireless camera for mimoLive

With its great 3rd party integrations mimoLive fully supports NDI®.  Use the NDI HX Camera app to connect any smartphone with mimolive.  AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID AND iOS
The official NDI® Camera. Turn your phone or tablet into a live video production camera.

NDI® (Network Device Interface) is a low latency IP video protocol developed especially for professional live video production, and is supported by an extensive list of broadcast systems from many manufacturers.

NDI® HX Camera turns your Android imaging devices into high-quality wireless a/v sources for NDI-enabled broadcast systems and software on the same network. Your device’s output is automatically recognized by NDI-enabled* video systems, ready to be mixed into live shows or even for use as a web camera when used in conjunction with NDI® Tools (ndi.tv/tools).

* Note: Requires support for NDI v.4 or better.

mimoLive integrates NDI® in your workflow