mimoLive™ & mimoCall™
Create Podcasts, Interviews and Call-In Videos

mimoCall – The Call-in feature of mimoLive

mimoLive has a great feature for audio podcasters to record shows with their guests from all over the world.

Add Remote Callers

For every remote caller, add a mimoCall from the sources (+). Repeat the procedure for every guest you want to invite. 

Invite your guests

Click “Copy Invitation Link” from the mimoCall, paste it into a message and send it to your guest. 

Easy Call-in

Once your guests received the invitation link, they can join through a web browser* or the mimoLive Reporter app on their iPhone.  (*best performance with Google Chrome)

How to record podcasts and interviews

Recording separate tracks

Record separate audio tracks per participant in uncompressed PCM quality or AAC for editing in Garageband, Logic, Audacity or other.

Hifi audio quality

mimoCall doesn’t have to preserve bandwidth like other services so it can give you the best possible audio.

No accounts, no downloads

Your podcast guests do not have to sign up for a new service or download a new app. Just send them a link they can open in their browser.* (*Chrome for best performance)

Live production

Reduce production time by adding intro, outro, stingers, prerecorded material and more live during recording.

Engage your audience

Try a live stream with audience participation via comments. It’s never been easier.

Fast track

mimoLive comes with a pre-configured template and easy to follow tutorial to get you started quickly.

Voices about mimoCall integration into mimoLive

This is so slick. I’ve been waiting 15 years for a tool like this.

Derrick Story
The Digital Story & The Nimble Photographer podcasts

It’s an amazing software.

Steven of "The Three Techs"
mimoCall Technical Details

Best in class quality

mimoCall™ does not reduced the bandwidth between little speaking pauses. This leads to a very high recording sound quality.

Stereo and Highest Audio Quality

Choose the highest quality and you even get Stereo for your mimoCall™. Made especially for online co-working of musicians but it is a great asset for everyone.

Independent Audio Track Recording

Record every audio and video source independently in separate files for a later mixdown. Especially made for podcast recording to reduce post production time. This saves time, nerves and money.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Get Started Now

To get you started, mimoLive comes with a free “Audio Podcast” template for you and up to 3 guests which is easy to configure and modify to your requirements.

mimoLive can go way beyond the audio recording. For example, you can have your fans watch the live production via a live video stream and participate via comments and polls.
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mimoLive Audio Podcast Template