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Morning School News: King’s Ridge Christian School

The lower school at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta GA (USA) uses mimoLive™ for their morning school news program.  They broadcast the news each morning live within the school then post it to Facebook to share the gifts and talents of their students along with the fantastic product Boinx Software has created for this...
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KLAN Concert

How to video stream a concert with mimoLive™?

Bringing the team together Ben Hammer, a photographer from the cologne artist collective Chips & Champagner teamed up with Boinx Software’s head of marketing, Steffen Skopp, to video stream a concert of a german newcomer band called KLAN. The concert was planned to take place during the Cologne co/pop festival live 2019. Because mimoLive is...
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Cart Racing

Racing Karts For The Win With mimoLive™

Filippo Rinicella uses mimoLive™ to live stream his son’s kart races. He uses a Panasonic AG-HPX171 HD camera and a Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Recorder to interface the camera with his Mac. Blackmagic -- DeckLink Mini Recorder Panasonic AG-HPX171 Pista del Corallo - 7° Edizione Coppa Sardegna Finale 3 - X30 Mini IAMEDieses Video auf...
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mimoLive – First Look by Guy Serle for mymac.com

Guy Serle takes a look at mimoLive for mymac.com to see how it stacks up against other alternatives such as the free OBS. He finds that, when it comes to live streaming, mimoLive is in a category of its own. „mimoLive is both the most powerful and easiest to use software currently made, and is a huge...
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Using Mentimeter with mimoLive

This cool video by forum user @wibbly is both a show case for using mimoLive to record a screencast and a demo of using Mentimeter to integrate polls – multiple choice questions, world clouds, open questions, Q&A and more. To make your live stream interactive and much more interesting, simply set up a series of quizzes and...
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Running a Fitness Channel on YouTube

„In today’s world, volume of content is very important,“ say May and Tal Mor, the producers of MayMor.tv. They run a fitness channel on YouTube. mimoLive™ saves them time for post production, because they create the shows live. While May entertains the audience in front of the camera, Tal is the one-man live vide director....
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Ceiling Projection with mimoLive

If you want to project something onto a wall or a ceiling (for example for your next LAN party) but can’t put the projector directly in front of it, you need to fix the distortion. Achim shows you in this video how you can use mimoLive, the Syphon Sender and Receiver and the Source with...
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mimoLive Story Record events Video Cover

Recording presentations with mimoLive: Code BEAM Lite Conference

Here is an example of a professional speaker recording setup that we recently used at the Code BEAM Lite conference in Munich. Recording and live editing the presentations with mimoLive™ helped significantly reduce the post production costs and the time between recording and delivery to the client to a few hours. Setup was quick and easy because using NDI technology means...
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Wedding Zone @ photokina 2018

At photokina 2018, Marc Ludwig and his team from fototv.de were charged with running a presentation stage with a live stream for the Wedding Zone, an area on the world’s largest photography trade show dedicated to wedding photography. “We’ve produced and streamed over 20 shows live in the past two days – no hiccups,” says...
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