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mimoLive 5.7 preview – Introducing Portrait Live Stream

Boinx Live: mimoLive™ 5.7 preview – Portrait VideoDieses Video ansehen auf YouTube. Oliver and Achim will give a preview of the next major release for mimoLive™ 5.7. Click here to watch the recorded Boinx Live Session. To download the latest mimoLive™ version – go to the Boinx Software Download site. About Boinx LiveBoinx Live is...
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Zoom 5.0.4 supports mimoLive – again.

Zoom re-enabled support for virtual cameras with their latest 5.0.4. update. This means, you can use mimoLive again with zoom, without doing a crazy workaround. How to use mimoLive with Zoom? In mimoLive select „Virtual Camera“ as one output destination. This will send your mimoLive Program Output instandly to the virtual camera. When you start...
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Boinx Live ATEM Mini Pro

Boinx Live: Advantages of using the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with mimoLive

The new ATEM Mini Pro Oliver speaks about the new ATEM Mini Pro introduced last Friday by Blackmagic Design. In this Boinx Live episode, Oliver shows the advantages of using the ATEM Mini and the ATEM Mini Pro together with mimoLive™.  Boinx Live: Advantages of using the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with mimoLive™Dieses...
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Boinx Live: Video conference with mimoLive 5.5, NDI iOS

In this live stream episode we talk about the possibilities of video conferencing with mimoLive. Under the covid-19 restrictions the need to create professional video streams / conferences gets important for many, so we dedicate this episode to that topic.  Main topics of this Boinx Live – Video Conferencing with virtual camera (e.g. zoom, WebEx)...
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Good reasons for subscription-based models

Boinx Software offers software under a subscription-based payment model. This type of license has many benefits for customers which we like to explain in this article. The relationship between software companies and customers has changed over the last decades. Digital transformation has transformed the relationships into partnerships.  Our software applications have never been static products...
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mimoLive 5.5 – released

What’s new in mimoLive™ 5.5? mimoLive™ 5.5 is our new release which offers several new features, bug fixes and stability improvements. New: Added a Last Recording Source that will playback the latest file recording of mimoLive.Enhancement: Added the option to set up the transition duration in the Single Comments layer.API Improvement for advanced users and...
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mimoLive Reporter

mimoLive Reporter 2.2 for iOS – released

mimoLive Reporter™ adds advanced live stream video features to your mobile device. This app allows you to bring up photos, videos, titles, and scrolling banner text – everything layered over the camera live feed. If you video blog and want to step up to the next level, you can stream a live show with pre-recorded...
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Boinx Live Stream

Boinx Live: mimoLive 5.4 Q&A Live Stream

Boinx Live is a video live stream hosted by the founders of Boinx Software. You can meet Achim Breidenbach (CTO), Oliver Breidenbach (CEO) to ask anything you like to know. To ask any questions, simply post them in the comments section of the live stream.  Join from everywhere in the world without additional software! Please watch the...
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mimoLive records

Record audio and video tracks separately. mimoLive 5.1 supports Isolated Recording

With the release of mimoLive™ Version 5.1, users can now record any video or audio source separately in addition to the existing program output. Referred in broadcast as „Isolated Recording“ or ISO recording, allows you to record clean feeds of your video or audio sources for later editing.  One great use for this new feature...
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