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Connect mimoLive 5.8 to mimoLive over the internet

mimoLive 5.8 – the next revolution in broadcasting

The hero feature of mimoLive 5.8 is the mimoCall Output Destination which allows you to use mimoCall to connect mimoLive to mimoLive over the internet.
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Boinx Live Cover

mimoLive 5.7 preview – Introducing Portrait Live Stream

Boinx Live: mimoLive™ 5.7 preview – Portrait VideoWatch this video on YouTube. Oliver and Achim will give a preview of the next major release for mimoLive™ 5.7. Click here to watch the recorded Boinx Live Session. To download the latest mimoLive™ version – go to the Boinx Software Download site. About Boinx LiveBoinx Live is...
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Zoom 5.0.4 supports mimoLive – again.

Zoom supports the virtual cameras with their latest 5.0.4. update again. This means, you can use mimoLive with zoom again, without any crazy workaround. Use mimoLive to create an awesome live show and send it to your zoom audience. How to use mimoLive with Zoom? In mimoLive select “Virtual Camera” as one of your output...
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Danny Black mimoLive

Deep dive into mimoLive in less than 10 minutes

Happy mimolive customer We love happy customers, especially when they take their time to share their passion about our products. Go and watch Danny’s video a deep dive into mimoLive! Please check out what he is doing and send him some love! We have added his links at the end of this article. For those...
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Streaming lectures

mimoLive Story: Streaming lectures from the TU Munich

Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge from the chair of applied software engineering from Technical University of Munich, Germany demonstrates how real-time education from the auditorium can be done easily with mimoLive™. mimoLive™ Story: Streaming lectures from the TU MunichWatch this video on YouTube. Turn your Mac into a live video production studio with mimoLive™. See more...
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Schalke Gelsenkirchen Stadion

mimoLive is feeding a giant Jumbotron Video Cube

mimoLive™ Story: Match-day at a german soccer arena FC Schalke 04 vs FC Bayern München This short film shows how Peter Dicksen and his team runs ArenaTV and SchalkeTV. They deliver high-quality video content to the sports arena’s Jumbotron Video Cube and every screen at VIP lounges and restaurants inside the sports arena. FC Schalke...
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Fixed: Zoom 4.6.9 removes access for Virtual Camera

If you’re using the Virtual Camera to send video (and optionally audio) into the Zoom app, please do not update to the latest version. Stay on version 4.6.8 or earlier. Background: The recent discussions centering around security in Zoom have prompted Zoom to change the app so that macOS doesn’t allow virtual cameras access to...
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Boinx Live ATEM Mini Pro

Boinx Live: Advantages of using the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with mimoLive

The new ATEM Mini Pro Oliver speaks about the new ATEM Mini Pro. It was introduced last Friday, the 30th July 2020, by Blackmagic Design. In this Boinx Live video episode Oliver shows the advantages of using the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with mimoLive.  Boinx Live: Advantages of using the new Blackmagic Design...
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Boinx Live: Video conference with mimoLive 5.5, NDI iOS

In this live stream episode we talk about the possibilities of video conferencing with mimoLive. Under the covid-19 restrictions the need to create professional video streams / conferences gets important for many, so we dedicate this episode to that topic.  Main topics of this Boinx Live – Video Conferencing with virtual camera (e.g. zoom, WebEx)...
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