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iStopMotion Lego Alien

Lego Alien Resurgence

Lego Alien Resurgence (Warning - Chest Buster)Watch this video on YouTube. Kevin of Key Frame Studios is proud of his first Lego stop motion movie – and rightfully so. The Alien movie parody was made with iStopMotion, a Logitech c920 webcam, iMovie and the Affinity Designer and Photo apps. Kevin writes that he appreciated the...
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iStopMotion Skaterboarder

Stop Motion Skateboarder

The Skateboarder vs. Spaceship plot reanimated with gusto by Stephen Coad. “iStopMotion is straight forward and easy, and being able to use a DSLR camera with it means you can get a high quality looking video,” Stephen writes. We love how stop motion animation enables the craziest plots to come to live without a huge...
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Jack Johnson creates stop motion videos

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, singer-songwriter Jack Johnson reveals that he made the music video to his latest song with iStopMotion on iPad! We’re huge fans of Mr. Johnson’s music and of course very proud hearing this. We hope for many more music videos like this! Here is the link to Jack Johnson...
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iStopMotion Explained

How To Make Your Own Animated Movie

Geekazine shows how easy it is to animate your first stop motion movie in a few simple steps using your Mac or even your iPad. iStopMotion for Mac by BoinxWatch this video on YouTube.
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“Hold on, lemme take a skelfie.” A skeleton waiting to scare people in the park decides to upload a new skelfie to favorite social media. Lori Escobar’s animated short is part of a bigger project in planning featuring this skeleton on this setting of a park at night. Lori built the characters in rubber clay...
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Goldfish in Space: Behind-the-Scenes

“My favorite part? I loved all of it!” – that’s how the kids taking part in the Goldfish Smiles Animation Xperience Workshop summed up their experience at the studio creating a stop motion film for the stop motion film competition. Goldfish Smiles held a Animation Xperience Workshop to create a stop motion film for their stop...
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TED-Ed Weekend Animation with iStopMotion for iPad

Lisa from TED-Ed used iStopMotion for iPad at a Weekend Event shooting stop-motion animation and pixilation with students and teachers. This animation visualizes empathy and what it would look like to step into each other’s shoes. Get iStopMotion for iOS and tell your story one frame at a time.
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TEDSummit 2016 uses iStopMotion to visualize “one part per million”

You can see the result at the TED-Ed Website. The event where this workshop happened was TED Summit 2016 and was run by TED-Ed The attendees used iStopMotion and After Effects to visualize one part per million. “Parts per million” is a scientific unit of measurement that counts the number of units of one substance per one million units...
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‘Let’s Animate’ hosts your animation party with iStopMotion for iPad

Let’s Animate offers creative animation courses and workshops using iStopMotion for iPad. They recently moved into a new studio based at Coventry’s creative hub Fargo Village, UK. Created and run by Gemma, an industry experienced artist, with a passion for teaching. Gemma likes using the iPad version of iStopMotion as the iPad then becomes a...
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