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Creating amazing stop motion animations is easy; all you need is a Mac, iStopMotion and a camera. iStopMotion is easy to use, and there are no complicated set-up process. Children of all ages can learn to create animations in minutes. You can animate any still object that you like: clay (like in Wallace & Grommit), Lego, paintings, paper or record fascinating time lapse movies — the possibilities are endless. Find some ideas how to use iStopMotion here and see what schools create on the Education Example Page


  • Create characters out of clay, paint a background, model landscapes…
  • Promote art at your school by creating advertisements
  • Demonstrate how colors are combined


  • Write a poem and then create a clay animation to explain or enhance it
  • Animate a fiction story
  • Create a clay animation of a historic event
  • Illustrate vocabulary words, idioms, and more
  • Clay characters eat their lunch at a French Café while conversing in French for French class.


  • Create an animation which demonstrates the concept of fractions
  • Use clay animations to demonstrate how to plot coordinates
  • Demonstrate with clay how concepts and equations are solved


Time Lapse

  • A Day at Clayburn Middle is one of many projects created in Mike Haire's Digital Visual Arts class. 8th-grade student Cooper created it as part of a local video contest. He set up a HD Hero GoPro camera in different locations at the school one day and put the video together using iStopMotion and iMovie in just one day.

More Ideas

  • Record changes in clouds
  • Observe the chemical dissolution of different metals in acids over time
  • Watch living cells in time lapse movies
  • Observe ants feeding or tunnelling in an ant farm
  • Observe the growth of plants or germination of seeds
  • Observe how people use public spaces
  • Observe a piece of art as it is being created (e.g. painting, sculpture)

Further Information

  • Ani-mats — model making made easy! Wipe clean playmats featuring step-by-step guides to creating your own amazing animation models by ICT-Links, UK

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