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Camera Overlay

Better control, easier animation, a higher sense of achievement

The camera overlay is the magic sauce of iStopMotion. While animating, you can actually see what changes you make to the scene by seeing both the last picture you’ve taken and the current view from the camera overlayed. This lets you animate very quickly and with high accuracy. You can easily adjust the opacity using an innovative control that appears when you tap and hold on the iPad.

Instant Playback

Immediate gratification, more fun, better learning

At any time during animating your story, tap the play button to see what you’ve done so far instantly without “waiting for rendering to finish”. This is immensely gratifying and the key to having fun with stop motion animation. This is especially important to kids to keep them interested and motivated, a prerequisite for a better learning experience.

Animated GIF

Looping videos for almost everywhere

Up to 200 frames can now be exported into an animated GIF. This new feature is a great way for animators of all levels to share snippets of their work in a quick and easy manner. It can be used in email and plays back automatically in many email apps. It can play on almost any browser without a plugin, so it can easily be used on many platforms that allow for the upload of images.

Flipbook Printing

Take your animation into the physical world

Remember the animated flip books from your childhood? They’re back with a high-tech twist! iStopMotion allows you to print your animations in a format that easily folds into a flip book. Your kids can print out their creations and then show them off to classmates or proud grandparents. Flip books are a great way to share creativity. Ideal for school assignments.


The perfect sound track for your video

Record audio for use in your iStopMotion project directly in iStopMotion or import a soundtrack from the iPad’s music library, your Dropbox, SoundCloud, via iTunes File Sharing or from any other iPad audio app. iStopMotion lets you add a soundtrack to an existing animation, or helps you animating to a prerecorded soundtrack by showing the audio waveform and playing a preview to help you figure out a music title’s rhythm or the dialog.

Use your iPhone as an additional camera

High image quality, plus a free camera handling

Your iPhone can be used as an additional camera while working on your iPad. When you are shooting those really hard-to-get-to angles, the iStopMotion™ Remote Camera app can be a handy tool to have in the back. Position your camera freely and get the highest image quality from your iPhone. The app is available as a free download from the app store.

Hardware requirements:
– iPhone 4 (or newer), iPod touch 4th gen (or newer) or a second iPad 2 (or newer)

iStopMotion™ Remote Camera

Download iStopMotion™ Remote Camera for iOS

Remote Shutter Control

Remote Shutter Release iPhone
Avoid to move the camera inadvertently

If you move the camera unintentionally between taking frames, there will be jerking in your stop motion or time lapse movie. To avoid this, connect a wired or bluetooth headset and use the “Play/Pause” button for capturing frames.

Continuous Exposure

Easily adapt to changing light

When making a stop motion movie, you usually want to make sure that the light doesn’t change from one frame to the other and keep the exposure setting of the camera constant to avoid what is known as flickering. But when shooting time lapse movies of sunsets where the light changes considerably over time, you’ll want to set the exposure to continuously adapt, creating a more natural looking movie.

Lock White Balance

Get more natural looking colors

Some lights cause objects to look more orange, others more blue than they are. Normally, the camera tries to adapt to this automatically. This automation is sometimes distorted by the color of the objects in the scene themselves and might change when you add or replace objects. Manually setting and locking the white balance helps to get more natural, vibrant colors.

Share your result

Get it out into the world

iStopMotion uses iOS sharing to send your video to almost anywhere you want: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Dropbox and a lot more. Teachers can easily collect their students work in order simply to share it with the class or to collaborate on a bigger project. Students can easily send it to their family or friends to proudly show off their creations.

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iStopMotion Remote Camera

Download iStopMotion™ Remote Camera for iOS

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