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Create Stop Motion Animation

A movie is actually a sequence of photos paraded before your eyes at high speed, usually at about 25 frames per second. Things seem to move because of small differences from one picture to the next. Early filmmakers invented stop motion animation (also known as stop-action animation or claymation) to create a giant gorilla climbing up the Empire State Building. The gorilla puppet would be moved a tiny bit in between taking images, coming to life when the images were played back as a movie.
With iStopMotion, you can now easily create your own masterpiece at home.

Time Lapse Photography

If you want to watch a flower bloom or the fog clearing the Golden Gate, you need a lot of time and patience or you can watch a time lapse movie. If you play back a sequence of images at a higher frame rate than you captured them, slow things seem to speed up. This technique also helps to discover patterns like how clouds form which happen too slowly in real time to notice.
iStopMotion can be set to capture frames automatically at a given time interval. It also allows you to control camera exposure and focus. helping you to easily create fascinating time lapse movies.

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Making movies on a shoestring budget?

No need to hunt for talented actors, building a stage, or even writing a script. A bit of clay or a toy can be the star of your animated masterpiece.

Do you want to spend some quality time with your kids?

Watch them tap their creative potential and be amazed at what they create. iStopMotion is ideal for use in the classroom and in all disciplines, honing creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills in students of all ages.

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iStopMotion iOS Icon 512

iStopMotion for iOS

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