FotoMagico 5


The biggest challenge in creating compelling slideshows is to come up with the story. FotoMagico 5 comes with pre-built storyboard called Snippets which helps you to tell your story. Simply choose a snippet and add in your own photos and videos, resulting in a beautifully made slideshow that tells the story of your latest travel adventure or family gathering.

If you want to compose your own original story, Snippets for intros, outros, opening titles, closing credits and complex screen layouts help you get it done faster. Topping things off, creating your own Snippets lets you streamline the production of slideshows for your clients.


A new way to compose slideshows



How you begin your slideshow sets the tone. Intro snippets come from simple to complex and automatically fill in slideshow title, subtitle and author from your slideshow settings.


Easy to use snippets for all kind of title slides. Features chapter titles, lower thirds and traditional presentation slides.


Effect snippets make complex compositions, like a heap of slides, easy to create.


Quickly arrange and animate multiple photos concurrently on the same slide in commonly used configurations like 2-up, 3-up and more.


Complete stories come with a shot list and matching music to make it easy for you to tell the story of a trip to the museum or a visit to a far away country.


From the famous scroll to music attribution and "made with FotoMagico", credits come with a lot of built-in intelligence that makes creating a slideshow a delight.

Let the music talk

Free to use music

FotoMagico 5 comes with free-to-use music (under creative common licence) by Josh Woodward and Kevin MacLeod for different moods. The Music Snippets contain perfectly timed audio markers so your story is synchronized with the matching music and an attribution slide for keeping you out of copyright troubles.

Animation Assistant

Screenshot FotoMagico

Choose from a variety of styles in the Animation Assistant to automatically make your slideshow move. The Animation Assistant takes into account diverse photo aspect ratios like portrait and panorama, movie and text properties.

Dark User Interface

Your photos and videos really stand out against the new, dark user interface. Whether you are a digital scrapbooking novice or a FotoMagico Pro since day one, the latest version is designed for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

FotoMagico 5 is simplicity at its finest, focusing on what really matters: the creation of beautiful slideshows.

Audio Marker Assistant

Keep Music and Slides in sync

(only available in FotoMagico 5 Pro)

Setting transitions at just the right time is key to making best use of the music to emotionally support your story. The new Audio Marker Assistant gives you more precise control over the timing than ever before for perfectly synchronized slideshows that are music to your ears.

Audio Volume Envelopes & Fades

(only available in FotoMagico 5 Pro)

Improved Text Editing and Text Placeholders

(only available in FotoMagico 5 Pro)

Editing and formatting titles has been much improved in FotoMagico 5, removing the pain of working with the OS X font panel. If you present your slideshow in front of a photo club, for example, you might want to insert info such as EXIF metadata – the date the photo was taken, ISO, exposure, aperture and the like – from your photos.

Additionally, you may want to include title and artist of the music just playing, slide number and slideshow author – all this can now be edited into the titles dynamically with Text placeholders.

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