FotoMagico 5

Technical Specifications

System Requirements


  • 64bit Intel Mac
  • 8GB of RAM (or more)
  • graphics card with 512MB of video memory (or more)
  • recommened: a SSD instead of a regular hard disk

Operating System

  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer

Image Sources / Media Browser

Media Browser

  • View media as grid of thumbnails, as list, or combined view with thumbnail and metadata.
  • Quick Look images and movies before adding them to a slideshow. Play audio files with the integrated audio player.
  • Fully compliant with application sandbox required by Apple. You may have to allow FotoMagico to access your media files. This process will be guided by FotoMagico.


  • Integrated media browser that discovers and displays iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom libraries directly within FotoMagico. Make sure to set up Aperture and Lightroom to render sufficiently sized previews.
  • Add contents of any other folder to the media browser via drag & drop, useful in combination with Adobe Bridge and many other products.
  • FotoMagico accepts all common file formats, including all RAW formats supported by OS X.
  • FotoMagico can downsize and convert images for space and speed efficiency.
  • Apply non-destructive real-time color correction (tint, saturation and gamma).
  • Display adjustable image border.


  • Add audio envelope point to control audio fades at an unlimited number of point during playback. (new in FotoMagico 5)
  • Integrated media browser that discovers and displays iTunes and GarageBand libraries directly within FotoMagico.
  • Music folder and iLife Sound Effects are added by default.
  • Add contents of any other folder to the media browser via drag & drop.
  • FotoMagico accepts many common audio fie formats supported by OS X.
  • DRM-protected music files can be used inside slideshows and played on authorized computers, but not be exported to a movie.
  • Interactively contol in- and out-points.
  • Control Volume.
  • Have automatic fade in and out, or manually set offset and duration for each fade.
  • Loop audio to match duration set in slideshow.
  • Add audio markers directly in the Timeline or the Audio Marker Assistant (new in FotoMagico 5) to trigger slide transitions at relevant points in the audio. That way the slides can be synchronized with the music.


  • Integrated media browser that discovers and displays iPhoto, iTunes and Lightroom libraries directly within FotoMagico.
  • Add contents of any other folder to the media browser via drag & drop.
  • FotoMagico accepts many common video formats supported by OS X, including Full-HD movies on sufficiently fast Macs. DRM-protected movies are not supported.
  • Apply non-destructive real-time color correction (tint, saturation and gamma).
  • Interactively control in- and out-points.
  • Display an adjustable border around movie.
  • Control volume of movie audio track.
  • Optionally duck volume of other audio while playing back movie audio.


  • Add placeholders that feed their data from image or slideshow metadata (new in FotoMagico5)
  • Crisp and clear rendering at any size due to use of the OS X native text engine.
  • Edit titles directly in FotoMagico.
  • Import titles from RTF, RTFD, or PDF files.
  • Titles can contain multiple fonts, styles and colors.
  • Animate titles layers independently of the other layers (like images or movies).
  • Use all features of the Mac OS X text engine such as international characters and inline images.

Authoring / Slideshow capabilities


  • Slideshows can be of any pixel size and aspect ratio. Common presets help making the right choice.
  • Slideshows can be composed of an arbitrary number of slides, grouped into chapters.
  • Each slide has separate timing. It can have either fixed duration, be controlled by audio or set to continue at mouse click.
  • Choose from 20 transitions grouped in Traditional (Cut, Fade, Dissolve), 2D Effects (Linear Wipe, Circular Wipe, Angular Wipe, Slide, Push, Twirl), 3D Effects (Flip, Blinds, Cube, Shuffle, Topple, Thumb Throug) and Fun Effects (Zoom, Aperture, Flash, Pixelate, Broken TV). Most can be customized with additional parameters. All except Cut have an adjustable duration.
  • Up to 3 simultaneous tracks of audio (called music, effects, narration), plus audio of movies used.
  • Audio narration can be recorded from within FotoMagico, with support to define the timing while recording.
  • Selectable background color is displayed if nothing else is covering the background.
  • A slideshow can have an optional static background image. The background image is visible during the entire slideshow, unless covered up by other layers.
  • Slideshow can contain optional static watermark (foreground) image. Image can be freely positioned, zoomed, rotated and opacity can be adjusted. Watermark image is visible during entire slideshow and cannot be animated.
  • The whole show can be set to loop for live playback. Useful for installations or shop windows.
  • Instant Slideshow assistant to quickly get a good starting point for further customization.
  • Each slide has optional notes that will be shown on built-in Teleprompter and iPhone Remote during presentation.

Storyboard / Timeline

  • Two different modes that provide the best environment for different stages of authoring your show.
  • Storyboard is best suited for choosing media and arranging it in a pleasing sequence.
  • Timeline is better suited for fine-tuning the timing. Shows audio waveform and allows precise synchronisation between music and slide transitions.
  • Drag media (images, movies, audio) from the integrated media browser to the Storyboard or Timeline to add to the slideshow.
  • Drag & drop media files from other apps (e.g. Finder) into the Stage or the Storyboard/Timeline.
  • Insert Blank slide.
  • Add Titles to slides.
  • Inline authoring help provides explanation of common authoring issues and offers simply one click solutions. Click on note or warning icon to reveal a popover containing the authoring help.
  • Selecting multiple items in the Storyboard lets you change parameters in the Options inspector for all items at once.
  • Create chapters for better overview. Name and colorize chapters, collapse/expand them in Storyboard/Timeline. Quickly jump to previous/next chapter via shortcut.
  • Collapse/expand layers and/or audio tracks.

Snippets (new in FotoMagico 5)

  • Pre-Built slideshow building blocks.
  • Various categories like: Titles, Intros, Credits, Split Screen, Stories and Music.
  • Music Snippets contain Creative Commons Music that can be used freely in alideshows.


  • Each slide can contain up to 6 layers.
  • A layer is either a image, a movie or a title.
  • Any combination is possible, allowing for numerous artistic effects.
  • Each layer can be animated independently.
  • Layers can be expanded/collapsed in the Storyboard/Timeline and also auto-expand on mouse over.

Stage / Animation

  • Each layer (image, movie, title) can be animated from a Start to a Finish position in the slide, similar to the famous Ken Burns effect.
  • Animation Start and End are defined by Position, Zoom and Rotation of the layer.
  • Side by side display of Start and Finish state offers intuitive authoring of animations.
  • Exact timing of animation can be controlled. Initial delay, ease-in, ease-out, and final delay.
  • Visibility of each layer can be controlled via envelope.
  • Pan across wide panoramic images
  • Pan across vertical images
  • Create scrolling credits by panning title layers
  • Jogwheels help to easily and quickly adjust animations. Exact numeric entry is also supported, as well as multitouch on trackpads.
  • Copy and paste geometry or animation parameters to transfer animations between slides or Start/Finish of one slide.
  • Intelligent alignment guidelines help you position the layers (images, movies, titles) on the Stage.
  • Pixel-precise movement via keyboard shortcut ⌘(command)+arrow key


  • Apply masks to images, movies or titles.
  • Masks can be in the shape of a rectangle or oval.
  • Use masks to highlight or hide a specific area of the selected layer.

Presenting / Playback

  • Preview playback inside the document window for quickly checking during authoring.
  • Fullscreen playback on any connected display, including projectors.
  • Self-running, interactive slideshows or any combination thereof are possible.
  • Control slideshow interactively using keyboard, mouse clicks, or Apple infrared remote.
  • Teleprompter on main screen displays slide notes to aid with live narration.
  • Share your slideshow as a standalone player to present it on Macs that do not have FotoMagico installed/licensed.
  • Images are displayed with highest possible image quality that your hardware supports.

Sharing / Export

  • Sharing Assistant guides you through the necessary steps to achieve your goal. The slideshow will be automatically adjusted (scaled etc.) to fit the target format.
  • Export your slideshow as a standalone player app that runs on Macs with OS X Lion or newer.
  • Burn your slideshow on a Video-DVD. Additional software like iDVD or Roxio Toast Titanium (separate purchase) is needed.
  • Directly upload to YouTube and Vimeo to reach a global audience.
  • Export to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Sync via iTunes.
  • Export to AppleTV format for convenient watching on your TV screen.
  • Custom export to h.264 variation/profile required.
  • Custom ProRes export for lossless sharing e.g. with non-linear video editing suites.



  • English
  • German
  • French (Documentation in English)

macOS Features

  • 64 bit
  • Sandboxed and Developer Signed

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