FotoMagico 5 is the easiest way to create gorgeous slideshows on your Mac using your photos, videos, music and text. Use pre-built stories, story-parts or tell your very own, unique story. Present it live or export as a high resolution video.

Media browser

FotoMagico’s image browser automatically displays images from Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture (Pro feature) or Lightroom (Pro feature), or anywhere else you choose. Almost every file format is supported, from JPEG to RAW in any resolution.

You simply don’t have to care, FotoMagico always shows your pictures at its best.

You can even use pictures with weird aspect ratios such as panoramas. While most other slideshow programs would either cut them off or give you huge black bars at the top and the bottom, with FotoMagico, simply pan across the entire image.


Wouldn’t it be great if video editing was as easy as creating a slideshow with photos? With FotoMagico it is! Freely pan, zoom and rotate videos in any format. Use a YouTube video together with the pristine full 1080p from your DSLR.

You don’t have to care about frame rates, aspect ratios or resolution. Simply place all the media you desire onto the stage and FotoMagico takes care of the rest. Video made for photographers.


The soundtrack propels a great show. Pick a slow ballad for the thoughtful shots, and upbeat hip-hop or rock for wild action. FotoMagico lets you choose any song in your iTunes library to fit the mood of your images, and start it exactly when the right image pops up. Easily enhance your slideshow with sound-effects, voice-overs, or compose a one-of-a-kind score for your show. Add narration with the built-in audio recorder (Pro feature) to vitalize your story.

Three audio tracks give you plenty of choices and the new Waveform view gives you more control than ever over how the slides play with the sound. Audio made for photographers.


Up to 6 Layers of photos, videos or titles in any combination allow for almost limitless creative freedom. Once you have developed a story complete with timing, sound, transitions and so on, you can easily turn it into a Snippet that allows you to replace the original photos with new ones, keeping all the settings that define the story.


(only FotoMagico Pro)

Masks define the transparency of a layer. They can be used to crop an image or reveal parts of it over time. You can also now change the opacity of a layer. See how to use Masks.


FotoMagico offers a unique combination of workflow models. Use the Storyboard to find the story in your slides by getting them in the right order and the Timeline view (only FotoMagico Pro) to precisely control the timing. Each view offers unique advantages and you can freely switch back and forth.
Introducing Chapters (only FotoMagico Pro) into your slideshow allows you to work with a large number of slides with ease.


Showing your work to others is the pinnacle of every photographer’s existance. FotoMagico 5 is great for live presentations. Because it uses every pixel of the attached display or projector, your photos shine in the best possible light. The built-in Teleprompter (Pro feature) makes your life as a presenter so much easier!

A FotoMagico slideshow turns your images into more than just a collection of photographs. Your slideshow is a new performance, a connected story that adds to the worth of your work. You can repurpose your images and movies in different ways to offer new value for your clients. FotoMagico offers many export options to choose from. Every one of them provides photographers a unique opportunity to go beyond the traditional imaging services and to create new sources of income.

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