Keep That Selfie to Yourself … Use PhotoPresenter for iOS!

by Megan -

Image courtesy of Mac|Life [img source]

Apple’s built-in Apple TV app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is a great way to show off pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone or iPod Touch, but as J.R. Bookwalter at Mac|Life says, it can be a bit tricky to manage your images on screen exactly the way you want them to appear. And if you want to separate your personal pictures from professional pictures during a business slideshow for example, there’s no way of really hiding those goofy selfies you took last weekend. Boinx’s solution to avoid an embarrassing situation? PhotoPresenter for iOS, which gives users complete control over how their photos are displayed during business meetings, instructional demos or even when simply showing off pictures from a recent vacation to friends.

[PhotoPresenter] offers iOS device owners full control over how photos are displayed using a clutter-free, drop-dead simple user interface,” J.R. says in his review. He explains how PhotoPresenter for iOS allows you to access any picture on your camera roll, albums and photo streams and with just a simple tap, send it straight to a TV with either wireless AirPlay Mirroring or through an HDMI or VGA adapter. It’s as easy as that: just tap and go!

This method allows you full control over the presentation and display photos in a non-linear way, which comes in handy for those who store work and personal photos in the same place,” J.R. says. “PhotoPresenter also includes another privacy option: Tapping a small icon in the upper right corner of any image thumbnail pulls up a preview of that photo for your eyes only, which is a great way to choose from similar poses without awkwardly displaying them all to your audience.

The bottom line? PhotoPresenter does a bang-up job of doing exactly what it promises, J.R. says. Try it out for yourself today!

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