Boinx Labs Solves Cold Fusion, Time Travel and In-App Purchases in PhotoPresenter 3 for iOS

by Megan -

Today, Boinx Software released PhotoPresenter 3 for iOS, the newest version of the popular photo-sharing app that allows you to keep your private photos private! Adding two new features as in-app purchases while making the app free, non-linear photo presentations are now more fun and professional than ever before.

You can poke the nose of the cat, like this. Very funny,” Boinx Labs scientist Dr. Term T. Bowman Ph.D. says as he explains the new Finger Pointer in a video created to make it easier for the App Store team to review PhotoPresenter 3. “At Boinx Labs, we solve many problems, like Time Travel, Cold Fusion and in-app purchase for PhotoPresenter. Please always wear safety goggles when doing in-app purchase – it is more dangerous than cold fusion.” He summarizes, “Cat is very important.

New Features – Available Now at 50% Off for a Limited Time Only

• The Laser Pointer Tool, featuring a traditional Laser Pointer, a Mouseposé style spotlight and the new Finger Pointer, is available as an in-app purchase of 0.99 USD (regularly 1.99 USD), though customers who purchased previous versions of PhotoPresenter for iOS will continue to have this feature for free.
• By adding a custom logo to the blackout-resting screen, users can brand presentations with their company’s logo or for an event. Or just impress friends, family or classmates with a seriously high-class show. The custom logo feature is now available as an in-app purchase for 9.99 USD (regularly 19.99 USD).

On episode 386 of TWiT MacBreak Weekly, Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist of the Chicago Sun-Times, named PhotoPresenter for iOS his “Pick of the Week,” saying, “This is one of my favorite alternate presentation apps. […] Not every presentation you give is a linear presentation. Often times, you just know that you're going to be talking for about 30 minutes. There’s going to be a meeting, a lot of different topics are going to come up and you want to be able to dynamically display whatever piece of information is going to be relevant at that time - and that’s what PhotoPresenter is all about. […] This is just absolutely the perfect app for that sort of thing.”

More Information on How to Use PhotoPresenter for iOS
Visit the FAQ page to learn more about PhotoPresenter for iOS
How to connect a second screen via airplay
How to connect a second screen via HDMI or VGA

Special Intro Pricing Through February 2nd
PhotoPresenter 3 for iOS is available now for free through the Apple App Store, with in-app purchases available at 50% off for a limited time only. The Laser Pointer Tools can be purchased in-app for 0.99 USD (regularly 1.99 USD). Customers who purchased previous versions of PhotoPresenter for iOS will continue to have this feature for free. The custom logo feature can also be purchased in-app for 9.99 USD (regularly 19.99 USD). To explore pricing and availability of other Boinx products, please visit Special in-app pricing is available through February 2, 2014.