A Monstrous Amount of Stop-Motion

by Megan -

Brian Kolm first used iStopMotion in 2005 at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, California, for an event around one of their exhibits. An artist, designer, and educator, Brian selected iStopMotion because it was simple enough to use with kids in 2005. Since then, the program has been a constant in his life. He uses it to educate both adults and children at different events.

More recently, Brian has used iStopMotion at the Cartoon Boot Camps at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, California. He has taught multiple classes in both pencil testing and stop-motion. These camps are a week-long art extravaganza where children can learn how to create unique forms of art. Brian’s most recent stop-motion class taught kids about time-lapse, paper cut-outs, puppets and objects, and of course, the basics of telling a simple story so a stop-motion idea can come to life. Take a look at what the students created with iStopMotion in 2012 above!

Brian also works with whiteboard stop-motion animation, a unique and mind-blowing take on the art form. The stop-motion video starts with a bit of animation drawn by an artist on a whiteboard, and as each new artist contributes with their own drawings, a sequence of moving whiteboard creations is formed. Check out a whiteboard stop-motion animation that Brian worked on with iStopMotion at the CAM-JAM artist events at the Cartoon Art Museum here!

During his second Paper Monster Party in May, Brian used iStopMotion’s iPad version for the first time. Artists of all levels and ages got to customize paper toys into monsters or superheroes, the theme in honor of the Superman 75th anniversary exhibit at the Museum. The creations were then animated in stop-motion form, resulting in a colorful, fun video packed with frighteningly creative monsters and big, buff, papery superheroes. Find out who wins the battle … check out the iStopMotion video!

Find out more about Brian Kolm and his extensive animation skills at his website, atomicbearpress.com. Be sure to take a look at his daily drawings, and get inspired!