Golego’s MIMUS: A “Five Out of Five!”

by Megan -

A brickfilm is a film that uses LEGOs to tell a story, usually created with stop-motion animation. Golego, the inventors of some of the most wildly popular brickfilms out there, has recently celebrated his 10th anniversary of using iStopMotion to bring the land of LEGOs to life. Just take a look at the view count on Golego’s YouTube videos to see how many of us are celebrating with him!

Golego’s short film MIMUS was created for the Brickfilmfestival’s contest “Steinerei 2009” in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was based on the theme “FIVE,” as it was the fifth festival.

The film, which has already reached almost 25k views on YouTube, takes a unique twist on “FIVE.” It starts off with a close-up of five LEGO fingers, which are attached to an incredibly detailed large-scale LEGO person. Various LEGO characters are introduced, and they spend the rest of the film shuffling five smaller LEGO pieces into different interactive shapes for fun.

The idea of toys playing with other toys gives MIMUS a fantastical quality that almost makes you forget the whole thing is created entirely with LEGOs. It’s such a great example of the idea of stop-motion: to make every day objects come to life in a way that will leave you wondering, “How did they do that?!”

Take a look at the short stop-motion film and watch for all of MIMUS’s hidden “fives!” Golego deserves a big “high-five” for this one … and a “congratulations” on ten years of groundbreaking LEGO iStopMotion!