FotoMagico Unplugged

by Megan -

When Claes Janson, one of Sweden’s most famous singers, had Pelle, a professional photographer from Stockholm, photograph the band’s rehearsal, Pelle knew the subject matter would be perfect as a FotoMagico slideshow. Janson immediately agreed to the idea. What resulted was a fantastic slideshow set to the band’s covers of a variety of Stevie Wonder songs. Pelle gives the viewer a look into the recording studio, featuring wonderful shots of the bandmembers as well as photos of their musical instruments. With the mix of media, the slideshow comes together perfectly.

I am a professional photographer working and living in Stockholm, Sweden,” Pelle tells us. “A good friend and colleague introduced me to FotoMagico some years ago, and I have loved it ever since. I use it for personal work, like when I photograph my son playing ice hockey with his team, or training Thai boxing. For professional use, I try to interest my clients for the program when I think that the images could make a nice program. Slideshows are a media I really like.

He continues: “In my studio in Stockholm I do a lot of food photography, but not only that – though one of my clients is the Swedish Culinary Team. Whenever I have a chance I exhibit, and recently I have exhibited my jazz images from the 70s and close ups from red tulips.

“A new feature in FotoMagico that I really like is the split screen; also, to be able to mix stills with moving images. At an open house evening in my studio not long ago, I used the program to present my work to my friends and clients. So as you can understand, I am really happy that my friend introduced me to the program. I use it frequently and I have really good use for it in my life as a photographer. I know that I will use it often in future work.