Instagram or Stop Motion Animation? How Bout Both!

by Megan -

If you’re like me (and most of the other 130 million active monthly Instagram users out there), you probably Instagram pictures of things like sunsets, food and friends (admit it, it’s mostly food). And with the latest addition of videos to the Instagram feed, the app is more fun and capable than ever. You don’t need stop motion animation anymore, right? WRONG!!! Watch the video above to find out why. (Note: iStopMotion was not used to create this animation).

The guys from Friends in Faux are proving that stop motion animation is still pretty darn cool. They took over a thousand pictures (1,556 to be exact), loaded them into Instagram, then took pictures of THOSE pictures, adding in some “real world” elements – specifically, a finger that interacts with the man in the Instagram photos. Okay, okay, so maybe this isn’t your run-of-the-mill stop motion animation, but it’s quite impressive and fun to watch. And when it comes to your choice of photo and video apps, the answer isn’t always black and white (seriously, there’s also Mayfair, Lo-Fi, Toaster…alright, we’ll stop!).

Find out how you can make your own stop motion animations with iStopMotion for iPad or the Mac. Watch the making of Instagramimation here.